New Site!

Welcome to the new home of Arina Tanemura FanClub!

The forum is still around, it has just been moved to The side effect of this may be that some of your bookmarks to forum threads will not work. You can update your bookmarks though by addings /forum/ right after the .com and then they should work again. Please refer to this topic for an example on how to perform this change.

Now on to the new features! We have installed a Wiki system at, please feel free to pitch in and add as much information about Arina Tanemura and her works in there as you can!

And of course there is the new frontpage that you are reading right now. Over on the left side we also have an up to date feed of Arina Tanemura’s Twitter. While most of it is in Japanese you can see if a tweet has an image associated with it by the presence of a red rectangular image icon at the end of the tweet.

Each of the site sections will have navigation to and from the other two sections. Here on the front page you can find the links to the forum and the wiki in the top right as well as the top of the left column. On the Wiki they are in a section on the left column titled “Arinafans Navigation”. On the forum they are in the tabs along the top.  The tab titles “Arina Tanemura FanClub” will bring you back here, and “Wiki” will take you to the wiki.

Finally there have been some back end and behind the scenes changes that should overall improve the site. One of which is that the entire site is now HTTPS enabled for improved security.