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  2. In a few more months, I can say it's been ten years since I joined here! WHAT??!!! I'm getting old -_-^

  3. Hello Everyone!!! HOw's everyone?

  5. I hope everyone is doing well! Anyone here a selenator?


  6. Oh that’s true I forgot about that! The story could change. Well I’m gonna watch the movie first then lol
  7. hmmm well I did watch Frozen 2 and it was beautiful. I LOVE it. I personally think you should watch it and then read it. Because it might be that the manga will be somewhat different than the original story :)
  8. I know right!!! I really want to pre-order it so badly but I’m gonna waitI’m deciding on whether or not I should watch Frozen 2 first though. I loved the first movie, but now since there’s going to be a manga adaptation I don’t what I should do first
  9. Woooooah wait. Arina sensei is doing Frozen 2 manga? That's so amazing! Wow, I am REALLY excited for this. Big fan of Disney and the fact that they are using one of my favorite manga creators to do their adaption is impressive and just amazing!
  10. Does this site look.....pinker? It's very pretty and uplifting

  11. HOw's everybody doing?

  12. OMG HELLO the pandemic sure is a time huh :,)

    1. Akari Kichona

      Akari Kichona

      Yup my state has not lifted quarantine yet..

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