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    From the album: mitsuki's digital art.

    I joined a contest on Paigeeworld (i think im spending too much time on the app oTL) hosted by darkangelowo, it was to draw her OC and my OC in a gown you designed yourself c: it took four hours to complete orz; my sketching and colouring isnt good at all ; n ; i got lazy i guess and felt tired after spending a while on it c: i doubt i'll win but wahay it was fun (/ovo)/

    © my farty art:3

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    From the album: Kawaii~

    My first attempt watercolouring oTL I used copics for the face though... and the eyes which are the only things that are half decent lol WHY IS WATER COLOURING SO GOD DAMN DIFFICULT??? LOOKS AT THAT QUALITY OF PAINT LOLOLOL for my english assignment... I did the book Sickened By Julie Gregory
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