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    From the album: Haine's Art-ness

    Our unoffical mascot! I havent drawn her in ages so I thought I'd bring her back!
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    From the album: Haine's Art-ness

    for cheebs u3u
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    From the album: phone/digital drawing

    I finished guys!! I hope all my hard work was worth it!! I hope I'm improving too!!
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    From the album: Haine's Art-ness

    an OC of mine uvu her name is Nova Umbra
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    From the album: Chiibi's artz :D


    © Tooyama Ema (not me)

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    From the album: Kawaii~

    Why. Are. Copic. Markers. SO. BLOODY DIFFICULT TO USE!?!?!?!?!?!?!? UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHh Sorry, the camera sorta distorts the colour to make everything look really yellow (my phone does that more than normal cameras) so the colours aren't exactly accurate... I uploaded this incomplete version since I have no idea when I'll get the motivation to actually finish this... ARE COPICS REALLY THIS DIFFICULT TO USE??? ._.
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    From the album: Chiibi's artz :D

    Yondeiru koe Saa me wo samashite~

    © Ikuko Itou

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    From the album: ...

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    From the album: Arina Tanemura Fanart

    Welp it took four days, but I finished it 8'D This was supposed to be my drawing for Arina since she is visiting Texas this weekend, but I kind of forgot to actually do it until now lol. Thanks to Chiibi reminding me, I quickly whipped this thing together. I was late on getting this to Chiibi too...but...I hope she sees it herp. I wanted to do something special for Arina, since I have been following her stuff since 2002. I chose Jeanne because its one of her most recognizable works, but also because of the play on history and Jeanne D'Arc. The story of Maron and how she is her reincarnation is really a great one. This was done in Photoshop. Maron belongs to Arina Tanemura

    © chibi_mitsuki, cheebs, chimitsu, Arina Tanemura

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    I think I burst into "it's so goooooooood -sob-" tears when I saw this, it's amazing, especially the dress and hair,I love it!
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    Hfdcbhgv THAT LOOKS SO AMAZING. I actually gasped out loud when I saw this. It's so cute
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    From the album: Chiibi's artz :D

    My precious Air TV babies!! this anime can ruin lives, fyi

    © Visual Key and Jun Maeda

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    From the album: Kawaii~

    So I drew Jean Kirstein from Attack on Titan... Used Copics... Hope you guys like it hahaha...
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    From the album: Haine's Art-ness

    yet again my OC uvu
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    From the album: ArinaAngel's stuff

    An old KKJ wallpaper I made a while ago for myself..after getting hyped up about the Viz license rescue, I added the bunko edition covers to the side today and thought I'd upload it here! It's supposed to be a collage of the series from beginning to end, with quotes, volume covers, the first and last pages on the left lower corner, and the characters in the back (that you can barely see with how messy it all is lol).
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    From the album: Haine's Art-ness

    its not done but i thought i'd share it anyway uvu
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    From the album: My drawings

    She is my own character called Stacy, a sweet and shy princess

    © MaeriAngel

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    From the album: PRISM stoofs

    Oh hello Mr. Toto....how do you do?

    © chibi_mitsuki, chimitsu, cheebs, chimichanga

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    From the album: Chiibi's artz :D

    OH U....U MAKE SURE EVERYBODY KNOWS IT, TAKKUN!! Originally, his ears were up but I like his ears down cause...real cats do that with their ears when they are upset hehe. X3

    © art by Chiibi, charas by Tanemura Arina

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    Your faces are PERFECT though!! I really like this!!
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    *GLOMPS* I love you too Eunjii-chan!!!!!!!!!!!!~♥ Thank you so much How were your exams?????
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    THE DRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~
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    I think Nemo would probably hide in a corner if he ever found this out.
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    Just about died when I saw this, but then I realized I needed to keep living to like it and comment and whatnot, because it's just so...perfect!
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    and during that photoshoot, Iris kept shouting at him because he didn't know how to pose as Tuxedo Mask properly.
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    AHHHHHHHHHH The resemblance is awesome!!!!!
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    Wow, you used water colour? It's beautiful! (especially the folds :)....sigh, how does Arina-and you, for that matter- do it? Hmm) I really like the dress's design and the hair
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    I like the angle you took! the close up is perfect and its a very interesting image to look at. I recommend taking it into Photoshop to up the contrast, distinguish the foreground and background and bring out the shadows and lights.
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    and they didn't eat dinner that night.
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    Are you bliiind?! (with as much respect as possible XD) This is just....beautiful! Like a freaking rainbow (no pun intended....)
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    You've done a mighty fine job there sugarcube!
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    From the album: Tsuyosa (samurai X) non arina fanart

    This is totally late....i thought i uploaded it but i guess i didn't...at least its still 2015 here. support me by getting the digital download : http://tsuyosachan.deviantart.com/art/One-Punch-Man-Christmas-580817124
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    From the album: mitsuki's digital art.

    My application for a group on PW! I hope i'm accepted, but even if im not i'm really happy with this new OC! tried a new colouring :3c "a gang of weapon wielding animal-masked high school girls, ready to take the streets and claim territory with our cuteness!" //patiently waits nervously for the results

    © group owned by Iomachan on PW, Raisa is my honey B)

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    From the album: Kawaii~

    I drew Fortune Quartz
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    DA SPARKLEEEEEES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >w
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    Gah, I admire you're cute style. C': I'm sitting here wondering "gah, why's she soo much betetr than I am?" XD
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    rtbksrutgslrgtlrsigtzslritgilrsz *dies of cute
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    this is so pretty!
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    Lol accidently upvoted Chibi-tan instead of the picture *FACEPALM*
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    That's beautiful, Haine!! I adore the hairclips, they're so cute
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