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    I like Arina Tanemura of course, manga is always good, as well as anime.


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  1. Testing 123

    1. Access Time

      Access Time

      OMG there are like notification sounds to status replies

    2. Akari Kichona

      Akari Kichona

      OMG is there really!!! YES that it is awesome!! NOW I can be here more often!!!


  2. Access Time


    Access' weather photography
  3. Access Time

    Computer Internals

    It was a Canon Rebel T5, sadly I had to return it to the store and don't have it anymore. EDIT: Actually lol, just noticed the picture meta information says that to the right of the image.
  4. BWR has met her, Otaku Ookami, her, and I met her when she came to AnimeDetour.
  5. Nah, that wouldn't have been BWR, she's only come to America for AnimeNebraskon twice and AnimeDetour.
  6. So, like the grim reaper licks the person's ear to take their soul?
  7. I'll make a post about this on the frontpage. Also @BWR and @Sydney, road trip? When I checked Dallas isn't actually as far as I thought, only about twice as far as our last Arina road trip. It'll be QUITE a bit warmer than that one though.
  8. Since the forums have been moved from being at https://arinafans.com to being at https://arinafans.com/forum your old bookmarks will not work any more. However they can be updated pretty simply. All you need to do is add /forum/ right after that "arinafans.com" bit and they will work again. As an example: Old link: https://arinafans.com/index.php?showtopic=3770#entry143059 Would change to: https://arinafans.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=3770#entry143059
  9. This is now working again!
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