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  1. I love her. She's so funny now. In Germany we used to say "I hate you" to each other" in German, and her stepfather was so concerned, asking me was I sure I understood what I was saying. Hah. I don't know any french people though! So can't say I know about that.
  2. No! I said it to my German friend and she got so upset! She was genuinely hurt. I felt so guilty. Don't think she believed me at first. She caught on though fairly fast >.> The other day, she told me I "Could have replaced the ice berg in the Titanic I was so clumsy" xD But she'd never heard of it really before that. I just thought it was an English, Irish thing. haha
  3. Ahh we do that here in Ireland too, me and my best mate constantly call each other b*tches and we will stay up till 2 in the morning ripping into each other. People can usually tell when I'm not comfortable because my tone changes,, so I might o this too guys! I'm just used to being mean in a friendly way...
  4. UTC+00:00 or GMT is my timezone I'm free all day everyday from wednesday to Sunday this week, and after 6pm every day after that.
  5. http://www.allaboutvision.com/contacts/torics.htm I found this about astigmatism and contacts. There's a bit about coloured contacts aswell. From what I gather you can wear contacts. They just need to be special ones? So I hope this is hellpful http://www.eyecandys.com/toric-circle-lenses/ Also apparently this website, their contacts come with verification codes you can check online to make sure the contacts are legit and stuff. But always check with your eye doctor to make sure you can wear contacts, and if toric contacts are okay, and just be safe with your eyes in general :) http://www.eyecandys.com/toric-circle-lenses/ They're a little pricey though :/
  6. With Nekota and Ai, my main issue is, once again the age gap. Age gaps, during teenage years get to me. The maturity between the two characters is vastly different. Nekota is a child. If the were both 10 years older it would be fine for me. But at this stage there is no denying that Ai is far more mature than Neko in many different ways. Just no. And the idea that Ai would be attracted to Neko makes me extremely uncomfortable. Also Neko doesn't back off when Ai tells him "no". He pushes and pushes and doesn't let it go. That isn't right at all. And forcing her to kiss him etc... Yeah. Bothers me lots.
  7. Well personally I do feel that japan has huge issues with sexual consent and assault. And it bothers me greatly and is very upsetting. I think ins awful but it's in their culture, and it is something that will take a long time to change. It certainly needs to change and I hope it does. It's very victim blamey and I have read other manga where the victim was explicity blamed. And it's awful. Things definitely need to change. But recognising that tgis is how assault is viewed in Japan, helps us understand why the manga and the stories are so ridiculous and bizarre. If it's viewed like that girls are brought up to believe it's the truth, internalise it and it rears it's ugly head in their media through stories, anime manga and TV shows. Men also need to be able to come forward as it's often portrayed men should always want sex. It bothers me so much. Infuriates me and it's kind of one of the reasons that while I love Arina, I can't enjoy her work like I used to. It clearly shows this mindset of the rape culture and it sucks.
  8. I love Arinas work, but it does have issues with sexual assault. As far as I'm aware, and from what I gather, Japan has a very different view of sexual assault compared to European and American people. Lack of consent isn't really an issue as long as the other person enjoys it some what or becomes interested at some point. I'm not sure. But takutos advances on mitsuki always made me uncomfortable. I don't know. Lack of consent is a huge issue.
  9. I'll have to get into it now I guess. No excuses anymore! :) I prefer reading licensed manga because I don't feel as bad? I dunno. Yay though.
  10. Thanks! Got it working.
  11. Hey, just wondering how to find arina fans on the app? :)
  12. I'm actually so excited for this, but also nervous about Viz translating it, I sort of wish Dark Horse was, because I adore their translations of manga. However, I am still so excited. I remember coming across KKJ in the second hand part of a book shop, and I picked it up and was all set to buy it. Thank god I flicked through it though because it was all in Polish. O_O So it will be nice to be able to buy the english version. I find CMX's so hard to come across.
  13. Can I sign up for secret santa please?? I'm not too late, are I?
  14. I found her being at school incredibly boring, but the anime was good in other aspects. I could go all day about the stuff I don't like though. Mind, it has been.. like two or three years since I watched it. XD
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