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  1. I love her. She's so funny now. In Germany we used to say "I hate you" to each other" in German, and her stepfather was so concerned, asking me was I sure I understood what I was saying. Hah. I don't know any french people though! So can't say I know about that.
  2. No! I said it to my German friend and she got so upset! She was genuinely hurt. I felt so guilty. Don't think she believed me at first. She caught on though fairly fast >.> The other day, she told me I "Could have replaced the ice berg in the Titanic I was so clumsy" xD But she'd never heard of it really before that. I just thought it was an English, Irish thing. haha
  3. Ahh we do that here in Ireland too, me and my best mate constantly call each other b*tches and we will stay up till 2 in the morning ripping into each other. People can usually tell when I'm not comfortable because my tone changes,, so I might o this too guys! I'm just used to being mean in a friendly way...
  4. UTC+00:00 or GMT is my timezone I'm free all day everyday from wednesday to Sunday this week, and after 6pm every day after that.
  5. http://www.allaboutvision.com/contacts/torics.htm I found this about astigmatism and contacts. There's a bit about coloured contacts aswell. From what I gather you can wear contacts. They just need to be special ones? So I hope this is hellpful http://www.eyecandys.com/toric-circle-lenses/ Also apparently this website, their contacts come with verification codes you can check online to make sure the contacts are legit and stuff. But always check with your eye doctor to make sure you can wear contacts, and if toric contacts are okay, and just be safe with your eyes in general :) http://www.eyecandys.com/toric-circle-lenses/ They're a little pricey though :/
  6. I'll have to get into it now I guess. No excuses anymore! :) I prefer reading licensed manga because I don't feel as bad? I dunno. Yay though.
  7. Thanks! Got it working.
  8. Hey, just wondering how to find arina fans on the app? :)
  9. I'm actually so excited for this, but also nervous about Viz translating it, I sort of wish Dark Horse was, because I adore their translations of manga. However, I am still so excited. I remember coming across KKJ in the second hand part of a book shop, and I picked it up and was all set to buy it. Thank god I flicked through it though because it was all in Polish. O_O So it will be nice to be able to buy the english version. I find CMX's so hard to come across.
  10. I found her being at school incredibly boring, but the anime was good in other aspects. I could go all day about the stuff I don't like though. Mind, it has been.. like two or three years since I watched it. XD
  11. I can see why the dragonball fanart is infamous, its beautiful, yes, but... its jut not dragonball at all. XD Its too... cute? XD I do love it though, as an Arina-fan. As a Dragonball-fan... no. XD
  12. I love how stick thin his arm is. It looks like it couldsnap in half at any second XD. It does look incredibly awkward though. Marons hair looks a little weird swell. XD
  13. I have to agree that I'm awful at telling who is who, simply because they all look so similar. XD
  14. Awww, congrats blue. :) I'm really happy for you
  15. Actually, yeah. Thats a really good question, how did you mix those two up??
  16. I noticed that! There was a period of time while reading the manga I wasn't sure if Moe actually WAS mitsuki. XD
  17. ..... Jeeze. I leave for a few hours and this is what happens? XD Hmm... I'm going to be honest and say that the fact that all her characters married their first boyfriend kinda annoyed me.. Sorry. We wer ejust focusing on MitsukixTakuto so thats why I mentioned it. I don't know how I hurt you Chiibi, I'm sorry I did, but I'm not going to change my opinion. And I really didn't want to get into the whole thing anyway. I wholeheartedly agree with the too many characters in SDC, and TSK being too short. I would have loved more in TSK, it seemed so rushed. And I could hardly follow SDC at all.
  18. Its a very easy mistake to make. I know I really care about my boyfriend, but I know that I dont properly LOVE him. I might have thought I did, but after recent events I know thats not the case, but I care about him. But I know better then to believe he is the one I want to spend my life with. Because, at the minute, he's really not. He's a person I care about, and enjoy being in a relationship with. But he's not the person I see myself spending my life with. Not at the minute anyway, because its silly to become so invested in a relationship so early on.
  19. I understand the passion goes. XD But sometimes its the passion that creates the relationship? And then after that, they will need to work on building a proper bond to fully understand eachother, instead of it being based off initial attraction. I mean, falling for someone is great, you adore them, want to be with them all the time, which is exactly what Takuto and Mitsuki have, and you will do almost anything for them, which is exactly what takuto and Mitsuki would do, however, I don't think Mitsuki is old enough to develop that deep a bond afterwards, that would last a lifetime. She may love Takuto, but I'm sure, when she is older, she will be capable of loving so much more, and that person mightn't be Takuto. People change over time, and it takes hard work to be completely happy with a person who changes. And Mitsuki is still a child, teenager, whatever, she has her whole life ahead of her, and so much time for growth and development. I'm not saying her and Takuto won't have a lasting relationship. They probably will. But I don't think it will be a life lasting thing. :/ Mitsuki is going to grow and change, so, so much over the next few years, and she may realise Takuto isn't the right person for her. And Takuto is also going to change. And as people change, sometimes, they are no longer compatible with eachother. The bond may keep growing, but it mightn't remain a romantic bond. It may turn to friendship, or completely platonic love. It happens in relationships alot. :/ Especially with young people. XD Thats how I view it though... so I don't think the relationship is all that great, because Mitsuki and Takuto are probably going to break up at one point and find other people. You rarely marry your first sweetheart. XD -thats my opinion.- XDD
  20. I don't like that kind of love. XD Mitsuki's young. I don't believe that deep a love can happen so quickly. Mitsuki's far too young to love someone that deeply. Sure she can love, but she's not fully, emotionally developed, she has still to experience so many different things, and falling in love that young, for life is a huge thing, especially in a relationship with that much emotional depth, :3 I mean, it mightn't happen now, but eventually it will, probably years in the future, where Takuto and Mistuki will grow more physically intimate. And everyone knows that makes a romantic relationship far more intense. Look at how intense they are now. It will be way too much in the future. I view it as them going through an extreme honeymoon period. Once that wears off their love isn't going to be nearly as exciting and exotic. :/ I know I sound like a kill joy but thats actually I see it. :/
  21. I've sometimes had trouble in some of her work knowing who is who, in certain panels XDD I understand your point though, nearly all manga-ka have that. It's the art style, so it doesn't bother me. Hmm... the last time I read it was about... gosh. um, a few months I suppose? Around christmas I think. XD I like the anime but it doesn't actually make me want to ship them O_O
  22. Over time, as I trhought about their relationship, I began to really dislike it. I'm sorry Chiibi! I thought I said I wasn't a fan of either of them being with her? I'd prefer Eichi over Takuto cause I'm a sucker for first love and the age difference isnt as big, but I don't really like either of them. :3 I'm sorry. XD I should probably leave the faclub? I joined like... two and a half years ago Chiibi! XD
  23. I understand she was stubborn, and stron, but I just didn't like her. XD Though I do like Eichi... Well... I like him more than I like Takuto. But everyone knows I hate MitsukixTakuto. XD
  24. I find some of her characters weak... I love Haine, but I just find her weak and Mary-Sueish. And While I adore Full Moon I really don't like Mitsuki all that much. I have this thing were I tend to love a series, or a book or anything, and despise the lead female for some eird reason. Maron however, is one of my favourite characters. She may be weak, but she learns. Yeah, it is kind of annoying she has so many love interests but its still a very good story. We can complain about characters that have been shipped together? Lol. I'd better not. ;D
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