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  1. The first manga I ever rread was an Arina one, it was Full Moon and I borrowed off a girl I know who also loves Arina's work. I read them all at least twice, except the first one, which is a shame, because I love it! I bporrowed the first five of Gentelmens Alliance Cross off the same girl, and I can't wait to get my hands on some more! I love those too series, unfortunately, they are all ofArina's I have read. I have read some of Pita-Ten, and I read I''s. I am going to Ouran High School Host Club soon, at Christmas, but I just want more of Arina's!!!!!! :)
  2. I know! I was reading that and was like What the hell???? I was so annoyed, adn Takuto just got more and more annoyed at her, and I was really worried during the first few volumes in case Takuto got together with her, but then it became clear, well, very clear that they wouldn't and I was happy! She is fulla crap and I was happy when she gave up on Takuto and realised she loved Izumi. And hpow she tried to save Mitzuki in the end but I can't get over the fact she tried to KILL Mitzuki!
  3. I liked her there too, but she was very whiny! She did forgive her, and I liked it when she told Takuto to find Mitzuki, and when she was with Izumi in the last volume and was happy with him. I loved that, because she was was happy, and wasn't whining! But other than that, she was annoying! It annoyed me!
  4. Am I the only one who thinks Meroko is whiny and annoying, in the manga. I din't watch much of the anime, but she just got on my nerves in the book! She tried to take Mitzuki's soul because she found out who Mitzui's grandad was, than she got annoyed when Takuto tried to stop her! She was really mean to Mitzuki because Takuto loved Mitzuki, not her, and she complained about everything! She could be really cool sometimes, but most of the time she was just annoying, and she fell in and out f love so easily and craved attention too much, and hurt everyone all the time. She even hurt Mitzuki's Grandma when she was alive. Am I the only one who thinks this way?
  5. I totally don't get how having blond hair would affect your personality! I don't like it very much, but it IS inaccurate! > And having ccancer can effect you personality? HOW? It might make you determined, but I mean, it won't affect who you are really.
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