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  1. She's freelancing now, right? I never really got past ch. 15 of SHK to be honest. XD I never followed it all that much :/ But I will now that its finished, I follow completed series far better than uncompleted series. I was SURE SDC was more than 11 volumes... I thought it was like 15 or something. O_O WHY? XD
  2. she said Mitsuki'd love Takuto in a different way than she loved Eichi. XD She still had feelings for Eichi at the end, I beleive. They were just different to how she felt about Takuto. XDD Eichi is one dimensional though. >.
  3. I do like him. XD I like Takuto for Mitsuki. I like Eichi for Mitsuki. And I prefer Eichi, because the age gap isn't as big. XD 4 years is still a lot for a teenager. I fins a thirteen year old dating a 17 year old wrong, so I'm not going to agree with a 14 year age gap. Like Sweetie said, too many hormones, no clear thinking. XD And when you reach your 20s, you are more responsible. You are allowed to look after yourself, and you should know how to look after yourself. But I like both of them. :)
  4. But I'm not American. XD I'm Irish. Irish Society has been around for a very long time, and even though we have Adopted alot of Britains culture, it has been around for an awfully long time. I view any form of love ver seriously, which is why I wish it was treated as such in manga. XD Its always made out to be so perfect, and happy, and pure. When really it isn't. I understand the fact of respecting culture. But I can't happily accept such a huge age difference. XD And the first cousin stepbrother thing freaked me out. The Step-brother thing should be okay. Not biologically realted, quite possible you never grew up with the person, so attraction isn't that unlikely. But the first cousin is rather.. weird.
  5. See, people mature. XD There is not as big a maturity difference between a 34 year old and a 20 year old than there is between 26 year old and a 13 year old. 13 year old may be old enough to feel attraction, but I don't know if they are old enough to fully understand love. I know I care about my boyfriend, but I wouldn't be able to say that I LOVED him, because, for one, I just don't know what love is. I have no idea. I think he is more mature than her. Its a strange thing... once she is over 18, she legally is allowed do what she wants. But at 16, or 13, I think she should wait, for one, to make sure she isn't just desperate to hold onto him, and her love for him. I thought I loved the same guy for three years. I was convinced I did, but I really didn't. As soon as I let those feelings go, I realised I never felt for him as strongly as I believed I had. I beleifve Mitsuki should make sure she did love him. She was a hormone driven person too. Teenagers are kust-driven. XD I do understand the fetish for older men though... Just not old enough that they can name you. If you get with a person who is 14 years older than you when you are about 20 or up, it doesn't bother me as much. Because you are more mature than you would be when you are 16. People mature a vast amount in their teenage years. A girl of 15 should be a lot more mature than a girl of 13. There is a bigger difference between a 13 year old and a 16 year old, than there is between a 25 year old, and a 30 year old. Also, there comes a time when you are old enough to make a decision to date a person that much older than you. I dont believe a 13 year old would be able to make a proper decision on that fact. XD I'm sorry. It was probably the society I was raised in. But a young teenager should not be in a relationship with a person nearing their 30's. Arina is a bit of a pervert though. O_O
  6. If they were similar in age I probably wouldn't dislike them as much. XD I mightn't pair them, but I do know the age is my main problem. Because... he's 14 years older than her. XD And he named her. And I find that really... inappropiate. I'm sorry. XD
  7. The kiss wasn't consensual? Who... how often would you ask for a kiss before kissing them? You dont go "Can I kiss you?" One person leans in, and the other responds by pulling away, or moving in too. And he did not rape her. >:( Mitsuki loves Takuto, and Takuto loves Mitsuki. That much is clear. I may not approve of the relationship. XD (I don't like the age difference, but even I know that they both love each other dearly.) And he certainly shouldn't have let her DIE. I don't like this person Chiibi. D:
  8. But you said it wasn't a true reason to kill herself? That her reason wasn't good enough. >.
  9. I say the forced marraige would have had a large part to play in her suicide. I mean, I know I would never be able to go through with a firced marraige, with a man I didn't love. With a man who thought it was fine to do whatever he wanted with me. (He clearly thought it was okay to do whatever he wanted to Moe. ) I believe if there was no way out of it, no way for m to escape the marraige, I probably would react in a way I would regret.
  10. Yeah, but Meroko was so much more... annoying in the anime to me. XD The anime, I think, would be good on its own, if I hadn;t read the manga, I would have probably enjoyed the anime an awful lot. But when I know its based on the manga, and having read the manga, I couldn't enjoy the anime.
  11. I see where you're coming From, Chiibi, but, it was how Meroko felt. Takuto also could have sat down, and listened to what Wakaoji had to say about it, but he didn't. He also made a split desicion without really thinking about why it had happened. And Meroko had no control over what Fuzuki had done. She probably saw it as finished. She probably beleived she couldn't change it. Couldn't sort through it. She expressed regret, didn't she? She realised she had made a mistake. She regretted her desicion to kill herself, but she still did it, and she can be angry at herself for killing herself. But she had her own reasons. That, in her eyes, were perfectly valid at the time, and that's all that really matters.
  12. The anime version WAS far more dramatic when she collapsed. XD I liked that part better in the anime. And I think that's hte only part of the anime I liked better. XDD (I has a little intense dislike for the anime. :3)
  13. Any reason is terrrible enough. Because it's the person who is feeling the pain from that reason, they are the one's suffering. You're best friend betrays you, by kissing the man you love, you might be able to move on. But for Meroko, this was everything. And this caused her too much pain to bear. She didn't feel she could move on. Wasn't she being forced into a marraige she didn't want? Maybe to you, her situation was the least bad, but to her, it was the one she just couldn't live with. Sweetie is right, Takuto was the same. I remember reading his story and thinking, "That's a rather small thing." But then I realised that to him, this was everything. And the same goes for Meroko. It definitely wasn't the right choice, killing herself. None of them should have done it. But, it was their escape. And you have to give them that. You can be angry at what they did. But not WHY they did it. Because when it comes to suicide, its a deeply personal thing that causes it. Feelings thst really, only that one victim can understand. Each one had a perfectly valid reason to do it. And even if it's not valid in one person's eyes, it will certainly be valid in another person's eyes. And it was definitely a valid reason to the victim.
  14. I don't think she did stop breathing... I mean... she whispered Eichi's name after she collapsed. Takuto got kinda pissed and kissed her. (he did say he was pissed off.) when she kinda became aware of herself, he said it was CPR. But... she wouldn't have been able to whisper his name if had stopped breathing? Edit: Sorry. >..
  15. First of all, I am going to point out that, you cannot decide if a person's reason for suicide is stupid or not. You do not have the right to do that. A person can feel extreme pain over something that might not bother another person too much, and sometimes, suicide may be the only way the perrson feels they can escape the pain. No one else has the right to say "It was a stupid reason to do that, they are selfish." Because that's a pretty damn selfish thing to say. Meroko may be a fictional character, but her pain was so real to her, so unbearable, she felt this was her only escape. I might be letting my personal feelings gets involved now, but I honestly don't care. Meroko was hurting an awful lot. She loved this man, she trusted him so much. The two people she trusted betrayed her. Now, she wasw betrayed by her two closest friends, and, in her eyes, the man she loves is conmpletely unreachable. The person, she can't imagine her life without, will never be hers. That would hurt so,so much. Suicide does not mean weakness, it isn't over stupid things. It happens when the pain becomes too much to bear. And for Meroko, it was all too much for her. I'm sorry. I don't like Meroko, but I will defend her, because I can relate. I would probably have made many of the same decisions in her place. She's a realistic character full of flaws and she is so realistic.
  16. Well... she wasn't exactly taking Mitsuki's soul out of jelousy... They were going to need to take her soul one day, because Mitsuki was meant to die. Also, Mitsuki did hurt her, and... Meroko was under the impression that Mitsuki's grandmother was married to the man Meroko killed herself over. In Meroko's eyes, Mitsuki captured the heart of a man she loved. Whil, Mitsuki's grandmother married another man she loved. This family seemed to want to destroy Meroko. If anything is clear, Meroko took her love life pretty seriously. It meant an awful lot to her. And putting in thef act that Mitsuki was meant to die at some point, it probably seemed pretty reasonable at the time, for her to behave this way. People do the most awful things when they are angry, and hurt, and upset. Meroko was heart broken. She killed herself because because of this. Pent up emotions are awful. She may have acted like she let them loose a lot. But that doesn't mean she did. I'm not condoning what she did. But when a person is remembering mistakes, being hurt, when they are angry. They will act out. And the girl all this anger was directed at was fated to die. And Meroko was responsib;e for retrieving her soul. It's understandable that Meroko would decide to do it warly, and get rid of this person who is a reminder of her past mistakes, and causing her pain at that exact moment. I don't think it was only out of jealousy. I think it was pent up emotions.
  17. I love the LilyxSnape pairing and HATE LilyxJames! I don't like HarryxGinny, but I also don't like HarryxLuna, I cant think of anyone in the series Harry would be suited for. I also dislike HermionexRon. I don't like the pairings in the series at all.
  18. Yay! I'm loved! ^__^ I love you too Sweetie. ♥
  19. Meroko... XD I know I started this topic and all... But I don't actually despise her as much as I once did. I have a hbit of hating these characters, and after a while, really begin to relate to them, and be like "oops." Meroko does annoy me. So, so much. But I do know she was hurting when she acted out that way, and I do feel so sorry for her. I dont particularly like Mitsuki either. But if either of those two characters were different, FMwS wouldn't be nearly as good. But I can see why she behaved that way, when I'm hurt, I turn into the biggest bitch ever, and I wouldn't want people to hold that against me, and I know it shouldn't be held against Meroko either. She did lose what she really wanted. It was taken away from her by a child. Mitsuki was a child. Imagine having the eprson you love taken away from you by a 12 year old child? That would hurt a lot. XD But she still annoyed me. But she's not a selfish bitch. She's jus... misunderstood.
  20. Of course! Johnathon was based on Peeves! He's the true hottie. XD Anything based off Peeves has my heart.
  21. I like Izumi better because I like his character better than Takuto. Takuto was this Knight in Shining Armour. He was a jerk, sure, but he was just so perfect. Izumi seems so much more real, and his story is more heartbreaking, and I have a tendency to prefer the characters with the most tragic stories.
  22. Um... I dont like the Disney Princess ones... :3 I liked Rapunzel! And... Mulan. Um... yeah. Thats about it... :3
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