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  1. I'm not a yoi fangirl no. xD Its not in manga only. In novels and movies, the lead girls tend to make me want to scream.
  2. I like FMwS, and I was wary to post on the thread before, because I know how passionate people are about it, but, its really not my favourite of her works. Yes, it was a good story, but I kinda have to agree, I didn't particularly like Mitsuki a lot of the time. Her total outlook on life annoyed me a little bit. I'm sorry, but it did. But I tend to have a read, strange hatred towards female protagonists for some strange reason...
  3. It is similar! Wow! I used to love this film! But I haven't seen it since I read Full Moon, so I wouldn't have noticed it.
  4. They are a bit thicker.. Her neck is annoying me. >.
  5. I know that many artists do use CG, and I saw these, and they looked a bit similar and my heart dropped a bit. I love how her stuff is so traditional. I'm happy its not though. >. She's too talented~
  6. now they are I also agree that Meroko is a little out of proportion. But we might only be noticing this, because they do look very different from the original designs? You can tell who they are, but there are vast differences, they're gorgeous, the new designs, but they're different and it's a bit weird I think. >.
  7. there are 31 chapters, right? (Not including extras and stuff,) so that would make 7 or 8 chapters in each new volume. Then there will be new stuff on top of that? I hope they're released in english I would buy them again. :) I just finished rereading Full Moon again today, funnily enough. xD The art in these are beautiful, and its amazing to see just how different it is from the original ones. Their eyes just keep getting bigger, don't they? XD Mitsukis hair seems longer too. I love them! They are pretty. I need them. (Also... it seems much more... CGI than her other stuff, as far as I'm aware,they weren't CGI? But I could be wrong. >.
  8. Thanks so much for this Sweetie! I have a sneaking suspicison as to gave me my gift mut I won't say aything yet. xD I think you should make it a tradition! That would be so much fun! :3
  9. I'll sign up for three if thats okay?
  10. Can I like, join in this conversation here? xD I missed out on a good debate here. xD But I agree there are huge differences in the art of the manga Full Moon and the anime. And I do prefer the manga, and you could say I'm disapppointed the anime didn't live up to my expectations, but i found it very... boring. The music was indeed beautiful, and I do listen to it alot. But the anime just bored me so much and I had to be convinced to watch it again after dropping it. I was annoyed they started the anime so early in the series, because they didn't have a very good idea of where the story was going, and it appeared to me, (I didn't research anything about this really) that they had to make up some stuff to make it work...
  11. I do remember her saying there was a manga she always wanted to write, but that she would probably never write it because it was unsuitable for Ribon and she hoped to stay with them as long as her career, was it in Full Moon? I think it was one of them... I hope everything works out for her while she is freelancing. :)
  12. Can I comeback in and speak after I left like that? xDD I just want to say that I agree that Mitsuki's feelings couldn't have been a crush. xD Because of how strongly she felt for him. And not once did she say she never truly loved Eichi. Even after she had realised her feeings for Takuto, once she realised Eichi's soul was with her, she longed to be with him still. And this was after Mitsuki knew she loved Takuto. (I just remembered this now. >. So I am adamant on the fact that it wasn't a crush. xD
  13. Everyone hates Eichi for how Mitsuki feels. xD He pushed her down on the bed on one scene, and was kinda floating, laying above her? She was hurting about Eichi. It annoyed me he wouldn't lay off her. She needed the push to get over Eichi, but he was mean sometimes, and understanding other times. And I always get in this argument with you, and I'll admit, its painfully obvious I've run out of ammunition for my argument, and I'll back off with the stubborness pf satill preferring Eichi, cause I can't think of anything else to say. >. But I like Eichi. I like how pure he appeared to be, but yet was still a selfish cild in the end. I find it very understandable. :) Takuto was an angry, kinda angsty character who went to Mitsuki, but he was still a kind, caring person. I still prefer Eichi though. And I think I always will. ~~
  14. I dunno. xDD He was devoted to her, (takuto). And I understand that, and he loved her, very, very much. But back to my first point, the age gap bothers me most of all. :) It bothered me with Eichi, and it bothers me so much morte with Takuto. And I understand thiss may be the custom in Japan, and I understand that its not meant to be realistic. But age is a very important factor, and I mayn't have always thought this, but I definitely do now, for the past, nearly two years.
  15. I see your point too. :) But while Mitsuki would have a better understanding of love when she is thirteen compared to Eichi, she would have no better understanding of romantic love. And it was unrealistic for her to say she loves Eichi. But I found it as unrealistic for her to say she loves Takuto aswell. Because she was a child still. Eichi was very immature. He didn't know many people, and clearly hadn't had alot of deep, emotional interaction with people, so, even if he didn't truly love her, in the sense he believed he did, its easy to understand why he would make such a mistake, and why Mitsuki would make the same mistake with him.
  16. Hm... it bothers me a bit that you say that Eichi caused Mitsuki to believe she cared for him. Like he's a horrible person for it. He always had feelings for her, that much is obvious, from when they were young, he cared for her so deeply, and he was just a kid himself when they met. It was cute puppy dog love. He hid these feelings for years, and he was coming to an age where he was confused and barely familiarising himself with this feelings, and sudden;y, he realises he's moving to america. He was upset and angry and desperate. Of course he was only thinking of himself. He was a kid, and he's allowed to be selfish. And even if they did only last a year, what would it matter? Then they'd know. Takuto was also kind, and he waited for Mitsuki, and he was immature in areas she was mature. But he would be more rational about things. Mitsuki herself was a child when she realised that she loved Takuto. And she loved him still three years later. It was the same thing that happened with Eichi. Thirteen is too young to know what love really is. Eichi didn't know, and I don't think Mitsuki would know. And she had been seperated from Takuto for three years. Her feelings were going to elevate. Sure, we see more development between Takuto and Mitsuki, because this is when the story is set. We see flashes from Mitsuki's time with Eichi, and it isn't really enough to understand their relationship fully. But Takuto was quite forceful in some scenes of the manga. It clearly upset Mitsuki alot, until she realised she loved Takuto. I just can't help but feel that yes, its eichi all over again. So I have a preferance for eichi. The boy with a smaller age gap, and who was just a child himself when he expressed his feelings. xDD
  17. I know! I know! T__T I'm sorry I said anything. xDD Its the differences in maturity that bothers me. You can go on all day how mature Mitsuki is for her age. But she will not be no where near as mature as a man fouteen years her senior. Its my biased western view. She's been through alot, yeah. certaintantly a lot more than any other girl her age. But she really is still a kid compared to him, and yeah... I have trouble with that. xD I know he would never do anything to her, I understand that, but maybe, if she were older, say in her 20s when she met Takuto and got with him, I'd be more accepting. I hate the idea of a teenager going out with someone so much older than her. And I like Takuto! Really! I do. :) He's an interesting character with a tragic, but interesting story, and he's a really good character, but I also love Eichi, just that bit more.
  18. I was waiting for Chiibi to come in and say that. xDD No, I know, but I can't shake off the discomfort I have with it. I know there, it's grand for them, and I know its not really my place to... I dunno, disapprove? But I still have a huge discomfort with it. xD I'm sorry~
  19. Eichi. Because I've always loved Eichi. I was devestated when he died, and yes, I prefer him over Takuto. xD I dunno why. I never did like the relationship between Takuto and Mitsuki. The age difference, (And I will say this again and again and again) is a major thing for me. I usually don't mind age. But there's a BIG gap between them for him to go off with a sixteen year old girl. xD So I am sorry..
  20. They're both so pretty. You are so talented. xD
  21. If Eichi never died, I think Mitsuki would have had the operation. Because she ad no reason not to. If Eichi had suvived, he would have called her when he got to america, like he had planned to, and she would have most likely never lost contact with him, and would have no need to find him, meaning she would probably have no fear of losing her voice. Takuto would never have failed his first mission, probably becoming a fully-fledged Shinigami, and maybe having died from his coma? I dunno. Mitsuki would never have nearly died though, I think. What would have happened if Takuto did die when he jumped off the building?
  22. Thanks so much Access! :) Its great!
  23. He was fourteen when she was born, right? So, he was 30 when she was 16? He was 27 when he fell in love with her? Yeah, it would be Mitsuki makeing the moves first I suppose. :merokohappy:
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