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  1. Yeah, that was weird! He helped name her, then he fell in love with her... I found it just... weird. And there was only a four year difference between Eichi and Mitsuki. And even though it was really weird for a 14 year old to be attracted to a ten year old like that, it was werider fo a thirty year old to be attracted to a 13 year old...
  2. I dont find TakutoxMitsuki the best couple. POssibly the huge age difference freaked me out a bit, I understand the whole "totally in love forever" but I still hate the age difference, nothing will change that for me. I know age is just a number. But 14 years between them is a big enough number...
  3. I'm nearly crying after listening to this. Its wonderful Sweeite! ~ So beautiful!
  4. Yeah.. I'm glad too, the stories were good, but i found the art a bit... not as good as her newer stuff.. But it WAS cute.
  5. REALLY??? YAY! Random guess FTW! Umm "He can never be very romantic, and he's a bit of a lecher who pushes him limits but..."
  6. Uh... Touya? Strahl Tachimiya III? (the gaurd) I dont know!
  7. Yeah, and anime would be good. :) And Chiibi likes to argue. xD
  8. I liked this story. I thought it was really sweet.
  9. I love Mitsuki's dress in that picture Maron! I've love read dresses with the big skirts, frilly, like that one! Mitsuki has so many cute dresses I want... Roo many for me to choose from .>
  10. I think the only anime inspired dream I had was from Full Metal Alchemist, and I cant remember if I did or not. XD Sorry! I have plenty of dreams inspored by fantasy novels I've read, and they tend to be nightmares. >. I'm not surprised Chiibi had dreams about Full Moon though. XD
  11. I think i can come now. XD I'll be there if I can and if I'm allowed. Need to like.. .reinstall everything. >.
  12. I dont know if I can come now with my computer failure... Sorry. XD
  13. Oh wow! It looked so different!
  14. It bugged me how she was so in love with them when she didnt actually know much about them. But she had time to actually fall in love with Takanari, not with Shizumasa-sama though... But the picture-book love was ridiculous.
  15. I liked Haine, alot... but I agree, she was annoying at times, and I cant believe Shizumasa and Takanari fell in love with her. I have no idea how, or why. I dont see how she loved Shizumasa, and Takanari is less of a mystery, but I liked her, I suppose I really liked the story.
  16. I'm not sure if I'll be able to come cause the computer is in the family room, I'll try though! It depends, I hope I can com though!
  17. Thats so cool! I love German! I have a basic understanding, but I'm only learning past tense now, and some of the sentence forms, so I'd have huge difficulty with it reading a book. I might buy Prinzessin Sakura to have a go, cause it would be good for me. I love German and have been thinking about gwetting a few in german to improve it... So I might actually get it. XD
  18. I can buy the german versions online, but my german isnt great so it isnt much use to me. XD
  19. Nearly 40 pounds in german... Imagine that in euros... and thats way too much. But I want it. XD
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