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  1. Thats so cool! I can see why you chose her, she is a very inspiring, amazing character. XD
  2. The style is so different! But reaaly pretty! -_-
  3. Oh yay! I really liked ION. :) I cant wait!
  4. I thought that too. It was a little girlie voice and suddenly a really mature voice. I was just like wow....
  5. I'd do what you'd do feather. Cry, then ignore it and not let it bother me anymore, but cry when I am by my self....
  6. I dont have any nicknames, but if I were to nickname Takuto, it would be Neko-kun like Arina-sensei mentioned. XD But I do sometimes call him Takun
  7. You Are Kouyama Mitsuki. Quiet, shy for the first look, but you are happy and cheerfull, though, you are very much a naiv girl, who still hasn't grown up. You accept your fate, and try to make the best of it. You have a deep secret in your haert, which makes you depressed. That's why your a daydreamer. Look into the world, you'll find someone, who'll be on your side. You just need to search. :merokohey:
  8. I haven't read thi! Omigosh. *GOES AND READS IT!* Edit: He is hot, and i've only read two pages. XD)
  9. I use it for some things, I'm having a really hard time finding all the TRC and XXX Holic.... So I would use it to read those now. My friend basically abuses it to read mana and not have to buy the manga... But I've always rathered the actual book.
  10. Sakataki rocks. Don't diss him or I kill you. If you diss Sakataki, prepare to suffer alot of pain. :(
  11. I dont know anymore. I love Haine, but I love heroines who are abondoned and need to be loved. And Kyoko.... And Mitsuki. But my opinion does change. alot.
  12. I love her voice, but I doesn't suit her. I imagined her voice way different. XD But her singing voice is way different than her talking voice. I thought it sounded weird, and I imagined her singing voice to be higher as well. XD
  13. The first volume should come out in English soon enough. It's already out in German. (I nearly bought it, then realised it was in German)
  14. My first was Mitsuki, because I just loved, and felt sorry for that kind of lost chatracter who wears a brave face. But I love Maron more.
  15. ........ Why haven't I seen this before? And I can't vote. It's a tie between TakutoXMitsuki and EichiXMitsuki
  16. I watched 07 ghost, and I really want to read the manga. But I have like refused to read it online and I'm going to buy it instead. I did that with Ouran High and Chobits too. XD The only reason i didn;t buy CCS was because it was out of print, and it appeared there were no plans to reprinbt it when I did read it... But i have been introduced to alot of mangaka through scanlations, Clamp for instance, I would neer have become a fan of theirs if it weren't for scanlations....
  17. I did, but I spelt once wrong... Sorry! >.
  18. Oifig an Post ids the post office. An Post is probably what its called. Amazon only takes like five days at the post for me. Play.com takes for EVER. My thing got delayed onc....
  19. Post isn't too bad. Until your stuff gets delayed. Wait... Post is the name of Irelands post company. :) But it might actually be spelled póst.... Do you know feather? I'm too lazy to check it up. I love amazon! But I'm afraid to ship things in because of what my business teacher taught us. Custom charges can come up to over hundreds of euros because the goverment wants the taxes they aren't getting on it because people think its a good idea to buy stuff in a foreig country cause its generally cheaper. Sure, when you bring clothes in from a foreign cunry when you're away on holidays, they can go through your luggage, and if there are tags on the clothes, they can charge you for them. Do any other countries do this?
  20. They have fricken awsome stuff! Imma gonna cry cause I can afford the stuff... but can't afford what my goverment charges when it is shipped in...
  21. If it's shipping from America I'll cry. XD Fricken custom charges. :(
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