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  1. That chapter has helped my love for Izumi, I'm basically beginning to love him more and more. :(
  2. Well, she mightn't have been in love with him, but she may have loved him unconditionally, even if it wasnt romantic. And as he was the first person to love her, and care for her, she would have given up if he died. And she did. But I suppose finding Takuto and Meroko, people who cared for her, they weren't friends, (Arina-sensei even stated that they were not friends) but they cared for her, it would help her get better. But I understand that she loved Eichi, and might have mistook it for romantic love. But I can understand why she gave up. Even if it was stupid thing to do.
  3. She loved him, but wanting to die to be with him either showed just how much she loved him, or she was an over dramatic weird little person. I think she was just unconditionally in love with Eichi, like Takuto was with her.
  4. I still find that age difference incredibly creepy.... But thats just the way I was brought up I suppose.
  5. I would like that too. Something like CR.... No, the reprint of CCS was meant to come out in July, the audust, then october and now November. I was meant to get it for my birthday. > And it does have coloured pages, when they di Chobits and Clover they put coloured pages in. Darkhorse is very good with Clamps work. :takutorage: But I spent ages trying to find somehere to buy CCS and I could only buy it second hand obline, which I don't do. I have no problem in a book shop or anything. But online I'd be a bit woried about the condition.
  6. I feel bad for Izumi. If I even think aboout his story of his death and life, it makes me tar up and tears me up inside....
  7. I found Maron a bit selfish, Well, not entirely selfless,) but it didn't bother me, I find characters so entirely selfless annoying and too perfect. I've come across too many of them. I thought she was a perfect character, hiding her feelings, she did have people there for her, maybe not parent figures, and I know friends aren't enough, but even though Miyako was there for her, and she didn't notice, I didn't mind, because it's a natual thing, its normal and understandable not to notice that when you feel that torn up inside. I loved Maron, she is one of my favourite heroines, because she seems to have such a realistic personality. Thats why I love her.
  8. Yeah, manga in Ireland is EXPENSIVE and the selection is really bad. You can only get really, really popular ones. Or the ones I already have. I got ones I liked in Edinburgh when I was there and I they were really good ones in the shop Forbidden Planet. We have one here but the manga is nearly twice as much. > Darkhorse manga is meant to be reprinting Cardcaptor Sakura, they reprinted Clover and Chobits and they said they were reprinted Cardcaptor Sakura and one other CLAMP series. You can preorder Cardcaptor Sakura but they keep delaying it.... I have the most random volumes of TRC and XXX Holic. I just find them randomly and buy them. I did that with Tokuo Babylon too.
  9. There are few series I've read online. Tsuabasa Reservoir chronicles and Cardcaptor Sakura would be some of my favourites, I am currently working on collecting TRC, but it's hard as I can't really find them anywhere. Cardcaptor Sakura seems to be that its getting reprinted, but they keep delaying it...
  10. I'd want Mitsuki to have a little while being in love with eichi and them being together, even for only a day. I'd want takuto to be more grumpy, cause it'd be sweeter when he softened with mitsuki. XD
  11. I was surprised, but I found nothing wrong with the scene. I just wasn't expecting that to happen, but I don't think it's wrong. It a sweet scene when you realise everything will be okay between them.
  12. I heard about that. I was annoyed, I'd usually buy it, but some series are hard to find, especially one's that are out of print. Or some sreies that aren't published in English.
  13. I like long hair, any kind, as long as it isn't like bristle on a guy's head, I usually like the hair. XD
  14. It's not Kyoko or Karin. Longer series, FMWS, GAC, KKJ, from one of those.
  15. Not Haine! I thought only one person said it... >.
  16. ......... I was not expecting to get it. I was just being random. >. I thinkk it's kinda easy
  17. If feather is that sure then it's probably right. XD
  18. Finnfish is right! Ion! If I ever go again I'm picking something easier.
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