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  1. Does this site look.....pinker? It's very pretty and uplifting

  2. Wait. Frozen 2 manga. Is this FOR REAL? I've had trouble finding any Arina Tanemura stuff in Japan, hopefully this does come out this year haha
  3. Guys if it's not about demon police now we're going to be really disappointed haha BWR can we read it in Chinese again and pretend they are demon police? When is it being released? I can't wait to know more!!
  4. Feather Angel


    So cute!!!
  5. I am very excited that Jizel has a little kitty :3 Thanks for these updates guys!!! The first thing that struck me is that they're wearing uniforms in that first picture Chiibi posted. It reminded me of Vampire Knight, though surely Arina sensei isn't going to do another school-based on right now? Instead, I'm placing my bets on them being demon police. Those are their police uniforms, also jail cells, because they're jailing demons.
  6. Feather Angel

    haine signed

    So pretty!! Echoing what everyone else said of the fantastic shading especially on the hair, but the hands too are so impressively shaded!
  7. Feather Angel


    Gorgeous!!!!! ❤ You arranged the flowers really well too, I like that you've got a variety of flower in there :3 And there's the little bit of petal on his shoulder :)
  8. Did't get a go! Darn college haha! Mitsuki is the Sherlock of ATFC :)
  9. I didn't get any answers right at all XD Congratulations Nightray!!!
  10. Maron killed the victim with a Scythe in the Master Bedroom
  11. Haine killed the victim with a floating blue shard in the Ball Room (This is a great idea Otaku!! )
  12. I believe it too!!! Miracles can happen!!! Maybe we are both delusional XD But you never know! I mean look at Sailor Moon Crystal, Pokémon Origin, Digimon Tri, nostalgia is powerful and maybe one day it'll be enough to bring us more SDC XD Bwahaha, yes! That's exactly who I thought of when I read that. I tried to allude to that earlier, but I failed in doing so. Still, I'm happy I'm not the only one who thought of Mitsuki, too. I wrote that before I saw your comment XD
  13. "Spacing out is very important to me" I can relate Arina-sensei XD That Mitsuki doll is absolutely adorable Chiibi! Q: Did your parents support your career? If they hadn't, what would you have done? Sensei: They were very supportive. Had they not been, I would have run away from home. This this make anyone else think of Mitsuki haha? Pity, I'd like an SDC anime : "she has some killer schedule holy cow 6 hours of sleep everyday" A lot or people are actually fine with 6 hours a night, I mean it depends on the person but for me 6-7 hours is the perfect amount and sleeping for 8-9 hours makes me dozy for the rest of the day. Generally teenagers need more than adults as well.
  14. Awesome Chiibi! Thanks for posting this :) That was a really good question you asked! It's also interesting that she said she finds smiles have to do!
  15. Feather Angel

    Marine Umi

    Continue to take over the gallery ;D I love seeing your work :) The colours and shading are gorgeous :) Is it watercolour?
  16. I definitely won't be able to make it tonight guys so sorry ♥ I hope you all have a fabulously fun night though! Hopefully I can join in next time Now I'm going to clear all my art supplies off my bed before I fall asleep on the floor
  17. Quote of the week XD A strong lead would be nice :T Maybe she'll do that manga that she said she'll never write, since she's not tied to Ribon? we can dreaaaaam
  18. Otaku, I hear you about Wolf's Rain. Animelover mentioned sci-fi. It might actually be interesting to see Arina try that :) Or something about spies.... I watched Totally Spies the other day haha Actually, you know what I'd like? The main romantic couple to seem like people who should/ end up together. Not in a "That's so going to happen" way; but for them to be the same age, not hate each other, not be related.
  19. This is going to sound pretty morbid, but death. I would like to see death. I think Arina does it well. Besides that, I agree with Otaku in that I wouldn't be looking forward to another controversial pairing. And Blue, fairies would be awesome!!! I feel like mermaids wouldn't go too well even though they would be absolutely stunning looking, unless they were dark mermaids, more like sirens than the little mermaid; but yessss, fairies would be amazing. Interesting plot, even more interesting characters, beautifully-shocking plot twists. Also, good romance, that will hurt my heart, that I will really root for!
  20. I'm so busy atm I have no clue if I'll be available at all, but if I can I'll join in! I won't know until a day before whether I'll be free haha my life right now~
  21. Feather Angel

    Chick Meme!

    Wait help me comprehend this. Did you draw the guy, post it on Instagram, and for every like you got you added a chick to the picture?
  22. Trying to find time to do this I've had an idea in my head for ages haha Thank you Otaku!!
  23. Feather Angel

    ur eh wizerd harreh

    This is gorgeous Nightray!!!!~
  24. I'm glad that TakuMiki is staying platonic, in my mind Mitsuki will always be young, you know? And I'm really curious and excited for Eichi!!! Izumi and Meroko....please be kind to them XD I love Meroko so so much♥ And considering her past I think it would be wrong if it was non-consent-y - don't hurt Meroko, Izumi DX I want to keep shipping you!!! Otaku, that is HILARIOUSLY coincidental XDD BWR I didn't even press play lol I say the link, started dancing, and chanting "Only with your CONSENT!" XD and then I clicked play
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