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  1. Wow you are all a lot better at stating your opinions than I am. I think you all have valid points and I guess when someone states their opinion I should be a bit nicer about it.
  2. Sorry I have to get this out there like now before I explode! I was looking at random things on Tumblr and some anon decided to put up a confession about FMwS and I feel that this need to be put out there. This anon said, "I hate Full Moon wo Sagashite. It was nothing but a cheap drama and Mitsuki was really annoying." So I willbe replying to this in a rant... This is what I have so far: "First of all the manga was much better than the anime. It was NOT a cheap drama! Secondly Mitsuki is a wonderful character. She's not annoying. She is a young girl who wants to live her dream before she dies! She pushes herself to do things that a 12 year old girl would never be able to accomplish AND she helps people along the way." What else should be said here any ideas?
  3. Princess_Kyoko


    Thanks. :) It's my favorite fan art print.
  4. :( I just realized something... BWR you asked me to write a blerb about The Palace of the Forbidden Princess it's not here. Oh well.
  5. I swear I'm going to cry when I fifnish reading all of these. I love seeing everyone's memories from the site even when they're from before I joined.
  6. Unfortunately right now my inter net is too slow to download or open it. I'll try again later!!!!
  7. Do you have Arina-sensei's address? OMG I want to send her fan mail so much but I don't know where to send it... :\
  8. Syun-chan and Arina Angel I loved both of them. The card was cute and I love my new avatar! :)
  9. I honestly have no clue who made any of my stuff... lol. @Truth-chan: I wanted to make sure I made something you'd really like. I usually ask my friends a few basic questions when getting them gifts, but this was much harder to make secret. If that makes sense.
  10. Thank you Sweetie for starting this! It was a wonderful idea and I think we should start making this a tradition that we do every year. What do you think?
  11. Okay. :) I wasn't sure how that was going to work. Thanks BWR.
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