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  1. I play Idolish7, the Japanese version!!! It was a little hard to figure out at first but I got used to it really quickly. And I had Syun-chan (Sei) (from Arina Fans) to help me!!! She's a HUGE idol fan.
  2. As far as wigs go, if you want a REALLY good quality one, I would recommend Arda Wigs or Dolluxe/Cosplay Wigs USA. I've ordered from both sites and they give you gorgeous wigs that are heat resistant and thus, easy to style. I actually just bought an Elsa wig from Arda and it's beautiful~ They are a bit expensive, but my friend has bought from Ebay before and it's hit or miss. Some are nice (I actually got a nice full one for Anaru from Anohana), but some of the ones she got are thin! So it was a chore attempting to hide her hair under it. :/ And JoAnn Fabrics also has a section of patterns too!!! I bought a kimono pattern there a while back. McCall's, Butterick, Simplicity.... All of them have Halloween sections in their books - which is the place to get a kimono. :) Also, if you're buying a pattern and have some time to wait....wait for the patterns to be $1. There are usually sales every so often at JoAnn's. I always wait for the sales. But JoAnn is pretty much my go-to fabric store. Because if you play it right, you can get a LOT of it on sale or with coupons. I also come from a sewing family. My mom and aunts all quilt as a hobby. And since JoAnn is good for them, it's good for me!! Haha. I hope it all goes well for you!!!
  3. Oh, how awesome! Too bad I definitely can't go. :( That's the weekend of my cousin's wedding!! But I hope some people can!!!
  4. Sei actually tagged me in a post about this while I was at camp and I was like, "NO WAY. THIS IS SO COOL!" Hahaha. I am SUPER excited. And I am also happy that Viz chose this over Neko. :) That makes me very happy. November, COME FASTER!!!
  5. Interesting. You know what? It's funny because I didn't like Chiaki much at first either! I was kind of hating on him for a while. And over the years, I sort of grew to tolerate him... Then I guess I had an epiphany or something because I started to like him a lot after I read the series again a little ways back. And when I picked up the manga to compare him to my then-boyfriend, now-husband, I was FLOORED. Chiaki is almost EXACTLY like my husband. One of my favorite scenes is the kitchen scene where Maron is trying to cook gratin and Chiaki is just hanging off her like an idiot. And my husband does that!! He always gets in my business when I'm trying to do something like cook or whatever - touching me and stuff. And I react like Maron - like, "WTF CHIAKI!? LET ME COOK!!" Hahahahaha. So I'm sort of biased because Chiaki is SO like my husband, it's not even funny at times. My friend who introduced us agrees with me. Haha. The whole "forcing" her aspect. I understand it. That's partially why I didn't like him much at first. But I feel like that's how he shows his affection. He's had a childhood where his dad dated random women to replace his mother. He doesn't really know how to love someone besides being physical. I don't know, maybe I'm off-my-rocker. I should reread the manga again just because. :) But Noin..... Do NOT even mention that man. I will never forgive him for everything he did in that manga. And I will refrain from speaking more because I may say something nasty.
  6. Maron Kusakabe (Ticket #6) (I think I'll stick to one character, but I might consider taking a second if I can have one of the (?) ones....!) 1. Maron Kusakabe 2. Mitsuki Kouyama 3. Chiaki Nagoya 4. Miyako Toudaiji 5. Takuto Kira 6. Yamato Minazuki 7. Meroko Yui 8. Izumi Lio
  7. Happy Halloween #6 Because I want to try RPing again. It's been SOOOO long! And this sounds fun!
  8. I just got volume 3 yesterday! :) [At the Viz, Buy 2, get a 3rd free! sale] And I just want to say that I love what you're doing! I'll have to do some of my own comparisons when I get a chance!
  9. So I caved and read some scans. >.> But OMG. I will TOTALLY buy it when it comes to America. I already LOVE it. Like ten times more than Neko. Chikage is awesome. And the premise does remind me a bit of Full Moon - which is probably why it makes me so happy!
  10. Viz, hurry up and finish releasing PTJ so you have a reason to pick up a new Tanemura! > Then I can get everything I want!!! *happy dance* I love that scan! SO BEAUTIFUL. I want to read it!!! >
  11. I'm not quite sure the switched roles would work. I think obviously, Takuto confessing to wittle Mitsuki would be THE MOST ADORABLE THING EVER. XD But Eichi as a Shinigami? ... How did he commit suicide? Would he even have the ability to commit suicide? I mean, it would have to be REALLY bad for Eichi to go that way. And as such, I feel like he'd be an entirely different person. We can't still have the same Eichi after he commits suicide, can we? That's a pretty life-changing event. ... lol. Yeah, I'll say. Anyway, IF it were possible to have the same Eichi as a Shinigami.... still, like you said, would he have the ability to push Mitsuki? Eh.... doubtful. It's Takuto's personality that truly brings Mitsuki to accept life instead of death, I feel. I suppose it could happen with Eichi but it'd probably be a pretty crazy turn of events. I feel like Mitsuki would be even farther on the brink before being brought back. Like, "Oh, oops, I near-drowned, but you saved me" instead of "I ran into the water ankle-deep and you grabbed my arm." Eichi would have more inner struggle with what he should do and what everyone tells him to do - until he finally falls for Mitsuki. Not that Takuto didn't! Just that Eichi would probably believe others more so than Takuto does. He would want to believe he was doing the right thing by letting Mitsuki die, but at the same time, be falling in love with her..... Oh, it'd be such a mess. .... I smell fanfiction. XD And Maron would never fall for Minazuki. His personality just doesn't suit hers. Though Zen-kun....
  12. NEW BONUS CHAPTERS. YAY. WANT NOW. ... :) I can wait. But we all know one of the stories is the Natsuki/Shinji one. Which I am so excited to FINALLY own.
  13. I (of course) would love to read the typed up chapters! :) If you're willing, Chiibi!!!! More Maron and Chiaki than I can handle~~ I love it.
  14. Oh! I found another hilarious line: "Snooby Doo Bop!!!" XD I burst into laughter.
  15. I didn't want to mention the porn thing. XD It was out of nowhere. Those were MEDICAL BOOKS, Maron!!! Jeez, girl!!!! I love the drawings of Chiaki and Kaiki but you're right. I want more color inserts!!! MORE!!!!! >
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