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  1. WOW!! It surely look different! lol I had no idea that Arinafans was changing whatsoever XD It looks awesome!
  2. http://img259.imageshack.us/img259/7294/2800dq9.png http://i4.mangareader.net/shinshi-doumei-c...ross-439449.jpg I think these are cute >.
  3. LOL I got Mitsuki! XD Good job Chiibi! The quize was hilarious and awesome LOL
  4. LOL Yup yup I agree... Well I guess Mitsuki's "normal voice" ish not bad... in fact it suits her perfectly. But I think I will still need to get use to her singing voice... just that I think the voice changes too "dramatically"...?
  5. Wah! You guys look amazing with the cosplays XD I've actually never cosplayed before (at least not with anime)... It looks lots of fun to cosplay :3
  6. Where would you find those quotes? I find it hard to find them D:
  7. Kawaii! XD I have another one of Mistress Fourtune's wallpaper on my screen right now =)
  8. Takuto, because FMWS was the first Arina manga I've read ^^ But Mitsuki is pretty awesome too! (and pretty XD)
  9. *stun* wow. that's too touching. he might still be alive, but just threw his past away when he left... I knew that that happened to me once, when I moved, I tried to contact my old friend, but she never contacted back, and we just lost contact =( What would be cool is that someday you'll meet him again, maybe when you go to Guam ^^
  10. I am going to reading it right now XD Cuz' it's only3 chapters long and I am taking a break from the manga I am reading right now :(
  11. If I can be any reincarnation (myth or real), how about Helen of Troy? LOL Sorry, my class was studying Ancient Greece and now I am like fascinated by them XD But Helen of Troy was said to be really pwetty LOL If it's mythical, how about the goddess Athena, even though goddesses dont die and stuff...
  12. I haven't read all of Arina-sensei's works yet, but my favorite is Full Moon O Sagashite so far. My favorite character is Takuto XD
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