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  1. I know it's a bit late But I have a letter for Carley in a year, if you don't mind passing it on to her when the time comes. Hey! It's been a while. One year, in fact! I bet a lot's happened and the things weighing on me right now aren't bothering you so much. Some of them probably still are. But that's okay. Just take it a day at a time and I know you'll be okay. 2015 was the year that everything changed for us. I know you know what I'm talking about already. You lost something you didn't know you wanted. Then you ran away to a ruthless city where you struggled to make a home and find happiness. And then when you finally found peace there... you once again lost something you didn't even realize was so important. We grew up more in the last year than in the 20 years before! We learned more and overcame more. The grief was unbearable. The pain was unbelievable. But we conquered. We survived. In 2016, I hope you find your voice again. I hope you win back the love of your life and that you find everything we've been searching for. Love yourself the way others have loved you, but don't forget to love others, too. It's a long road, and you can't make it alone, even though you'll try. I know you'll try. It's just the way you are. But you have to let go of that isolation because the only one forcing it upon you... is you. I know I've set up a shabby year for you. I didn't exactly win in 2015. But with a new year, comes a new chance to make things better. Find love, find yourself and find happiness. Don't lose the spark that you used to have. Tell someone they're beautiful. Hug a stranger. Buy coffee for the person behind you. Call Mom just to tell her you love her... because she doesn't hear that enough. Make the most of your time. Make memories. But more importantly, make yourself feel happy. Because memories will fade but in one year, five years, or even twenty years... to look back in time and be able to say, "I was happy," is all that matters. Be happy. I want you to be happy. The road to happiness is rocky. And right now the pain is insufferable. Fear of the future is powerful. But I want you to be so happy that when you read this, you wonder why we ever felt this way. Trust in God. And never forget who you are. Love with everything you have. Stay away from carbonated beverages. Laugh. Even when jokes aren't funny. And may the last two words of this letter never be forgotten. Love, Yourself
  2. For Asagiri, these contacts might work nicely! I imagined her eyes as pink with a purple-ish hue to them xD If you want something more purple, I really like these. I have astigmatism in both eyes and I've always worn contacts, so I don't think it should be a problem :) As long as they're soft lenses, not hard lenses. For the bells, I would go for a real bell! Then you'll jingle wherever you go if you search for jingle bells you can probably find more but even this might work :) Or here's some more sleigh bells, for ideas... Wigs: http://www.hellocosplay.com/powder-pink-cosplay-wavy-wig-p-4293.html http://www.hellocosplay.com/pink-45cm-cosplay-straight-wig-p-2691.html Personally, I avoid ebay at all costs when it comes to wigs xD too many horrors in the past.
  3. Whaaaaaat??!! Mitsuki that's crazy!!! And really weird. Maybe they sold the erm... product, to someone else, and accidentally sent it to you in addition to your own purchase? If they had a fairly large store, mistakes do happen
  4. This is an excellent guide!! :3 I'm too broke right now to buy anything for my own personal pleasure, but this will be really useful to anyone looking for something specific or just wanting to expand their Arina collection If you go to wikipedia pages and copy the Japanese characters that they provide, is that sufficient for this method? Like, if I wanted Sailor Moon, the Wiki page says: Are those characters the ones I'd be searching for on Yahoo? ---- Also, on the topic of ebay--I almost never buy if the seller is less than 99.5% positive. And if it's not 100%, it has to be a REALLY GOOD deal. In addition, depending somewhat on the item and the merchandiser, I don't usually buy "stock photo" items, either.
  5. Well, it certainly fits their dynamic xD But I didn't realize they were a big deal! So that's interesting. But hopefully Arina doesn't play into an overused trope for her Doujinshi. That'd just be lame. xD
  6. Hey, we can't deny the dysfunctionality of the Mezumi relationship xD Are there really that many people who want it though?? O_O
  7. I'll be honest, when I first started reading Chiibi's post I was like, "No....Otaku...you didn't....did you?" xD Maybe Chiibi beat you to the prank In all seriousness though! My opinion on doujinshi by Arina is that it's not canon xD She's just getting her fantasies or creativity out in an easy way (because she can make a complete story without actually having to create new characters and new plots and stuff) so I don't really mind xD If they're offensive, I won't read them. But, that said, the relationship between Meroko and Izumi is waaaaaaay more likely to have one of those rapey-ish situations that the AccessxFinn or MaronxChiaki ones had. Just because Izumi is sadistic and Meroko is insane not saying that excuses rapey situations just saying it's less unrealistic than like Access doing that to Finn because Access was always super considerate and sweet to Finn so it made no sense at all...
  8. Also, for the sake of conversation, I'd say Arina did make differences between the two brothers. She obviously changed the hair later on to make it clearer, but earlier on, you can (knowing that there are two brothers) discern which is which based on facial expressions, stance, and dialogue
  9. It was a joke, Chiibi xD That was a joke. also the ouran twins' hair is different. At least in the anime....can't remember about the manga
  10. I always hated how similar Takanari and Shizumasa looked! JEEZ ARINA MAKE THEM LOOK MORE DIFFERENT! I think that was one reason I really liked the character Ushio! To me, she stood out amongst the rest of the SDC crew. Even if you took her hair off, I could still tell who it was. She had a very specific face and Arina stuck to it--she never gave Ushio a face that wasn't clearly Ushio's. In addition, she had a fashion sense that was unique to her, and it was overall just easier to differentiate her from other characters, visually. Initially, I confused Haine and Ushio a lot, but once I caught on to the face thing I was like oooooh okay now this is easier. xD
  11. Aww how darling~ I love how you personalized every one of them x3
  12. It's not really a theory xD At least, I don't have enough specific evidence to make any claims. Its just me drawing connections. I know that a lot of manga use similar elements and symbols so I thought perhaps that was the case here I don't know how familiar your average Japanese person is with Chinese lore. Haha
  13. Also there's that whole thing that they go over in Fruits Basket (ahhh that was the first manga I ever ever read so if I screw up details, forgive me) Kyo was the "cat" and the whole mythology was that the cat was deceived and never made it to the zodiac banquet, and all that blah blah. I dunno if it's relevant to this actually, but maybe its symbolic? Haha
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