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  1. !!!!!!!!!! When I had heard she was doing a manga like this, I was excited. Can't wait to read this!
  2. THE OLD THREAD DIED, SO... LET'S TALK ABOUT ARINA TANEMURA'S BIGGEST PROJECT ATM, IDOLISH7!!! She designed all the characters, and just... ahhh. I wanna play. Is anyone playing the game currently??
  3. Holy, holy. I love the idea of this. PLAYING.
  4. http://www.viz.com/manga/print/phantom-thief-jeanne-volume-1/11071 Viz has picked it up! So it'll be out in March. =D
  5. As much as I love Maron. (Believe me I did), my favorite character will always be Fin. I loved her to death. T_T
  6. T_T MAN I WISH I COULD GO! But I don't have to money to go to Texas right now. T_T Otherwise I would go!
  7. Why do I like it? Because of the plot and the amazing characters.
  8. Well, what do you think? Do you think Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne should be dubbed? Or do you think it's too late for that? I don't think it should be dubbed at this point...it's kind of too late for that. And...you?
  9. Those covers are so pretty! I love them! As for the next cover, I think Izumi and Jonathan will be on cover 3...and maybe Madoka on cover four?
  10. I'd love to see SakuraHime Kaden as an anime! I'm hoping that when they do make it into an anime, it'll be 100 episodes.
  11. I don't know exactly where I heard this, but I heard the English version of Sakura Hime Kaden is going to printed by Viz Media.
  12. Top 3. 3. Globe of the Sea- Nocturne. 2. The Gentlemen's Alliance. 1. Fullmoon wo Sagashite.
  13. I looked at my pile of pictures I left on my desk... I don't like her old style... The eyes weren't cute enough! That's for sure. I didn't like the pudgier faces in the older style either. Although Ion-chan looked REALLY cute....but her style had changed a bit by then anyway.... And the blushing effect was too dark. And um..(the mouths looked to colorful.) It changed when I.o.n came out...? It already looked like that in her other short stories though... O:
  14. I looked at my pile of pictures I left on my desk... I don't like her old style... The eyes weren't cute enough!
  15. I think this would go here...right? As usual...yiu know what I'm going to say...cute~! What is you're opinion?
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