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  1. Jeanne is also a top favorite of mine It's so beautiful, depite being a bit older then some! I Have the entire series and always marvel at the black and white splash pages! I love going throught them and saying "I WANT THAT ONE!" == I also adore that Kyoko dress!!!!
  2. There are some color differences in the pictures, as are in many of Tanemura's color images. I rather like the top one's color. The way she uses color is amazing! I simply love it!! My friend and I (we go to a private school) have discussed many-a-time how we’d LOVE to have Kanon-chan’s uniform at our school. It’s so elegant yet modest. >
  3. I must agree! == despite the fact that he male characters' outfits seem to be less extravagant, they are still amazing none the less. Takuto-kun and Maguri-kun seem to be the kinds of characters that would wear more extravagant pieces. >
  4. Haven't we all drooled over the clothing in her artwork at one point? :luv: So, here's the deal. Find a picture of an amazing outfit by Tenemura-sensei that you would like to wear and show us. :FM HAVE FUN!!!!! BE CREATIVE!!!!!! ******NOTE****** I will NOT be taking requests to make any of these outfits... First post :( it sucked *snifflez*
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