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  1. if its not too late i'd like to hop on the bandwagon!! i love these type of things aha;; my timezone is -3:30 or newfoundland time when im home, i have honestly the worst timezone i am so sorry omfg right now im on -3:00 though as im on vacation until around the 29th! im pretty much available everyday for the next week or so at all times pretty much! i'm flexible aha
  2. Golly, sorry I haven't replied to this in awhile! I agree Maron, Arda wigs are great! I've been planning on getting another wig from them, but they are kind of expensive :/ It's definitely something I'll try for though! My experience with eBay wigs, for the most part, have been pretty bad. I have a Miku Hatsune wig thats a total mess, and I've only used it once. Same with a few of my other wigs, but I have a couple that have survived my cosplays lol And oh goodness BWR, party wigs are hard enough to look at, let alone buy! Sweetie those bells are so cute!! I'm not sure how I'd convince my mom to let me order reindeer bells though And those contacts are really nice, though I'm not sure if I'd be able to wear them! Those wigs look good, but it seems like I'd have to do a lot of styling? Also I've never ordered from that site before, does anybody have any experience with them? o:
  3. Oh really, Blue? They sell those at Michaels? I'll have to check my local store to see if they have any patterns, though I find it unlikely given my location (there's not much at my Michaels store to be honest). And yeah, I'll be able to change the color simply by using the right color fabric, and if necessary I can always bring in pictures for reference if I need help deciding on the colors (though blue and white seem simple enough aha). Thank you for telling me this!! This helped a lot!!
  4. Thank you so much BWR!!! Your reply has helped a ton And yeah, I was gonna go for violet as her eye color, too. I'm looking at some Uniqso lenses, so far I'm really liking Beuberry Bella in Violet and Barbie Angel in Violet!! Of course getting lenses all depends on if I'm actually a candidate for them, since usually people with astigmatism can't really use contact lenses (as I've heard? maybe not from reliable sources, but seems pretty reasonable at least.) But I really feel like the contacts would tie together the entire cosplay, so I'm really hoping I can get fitted for a pair ;;; Those other cosplays you provided were awesome!! Thank you for finding them!! I'm really curious how those bells were made. I was considering making them out of paper mache since it would be pretty easy, or even making them out of instamorph or something like that? I really like some of the wigs you suggested!! Though I think these two are the best, because it seems like they're a bit longer and they have a big more hair to them so I can style them and not worry too much about messing up and ruining the entire thing. I was looking at this pattern/guide for making the yukata, though it seems super-duper complicated (and expensive? oh goodness). Of course I won't have to follow the example directly, because Asagiri's yukata is a lot shorter than a traditional one. I know she wears several layers, but I'm pretty sure I can just pull off that illusion by making a layered collar and sleeves aha;;; If that's the case, then I already have quite a bit of old fabric that would work just fine for the blue parts of her yukata and her obi. This is a pretty neat tutorial I found that I can hopefully use to make the bow portion of her obi, since it actually looks simple enough that I can figure it out lol Edit: also this kimono/yukata tutorial by the same person as the obi tut, though I'm not sure if it'll come out the same way as the other tutorial I listed? It says its not very accurate or traditional, which is sort of fine by me, I just don't want the end result to be really out of the ballpark from what Asagiri actually wears.
  5. Okay so *hopefully* I've got the right subforum to post this under. If not, please move asap!! Sorry!! Alright well, after re-reading SHK awhile ago, I might've fell in love with Asagiri's character all over again (whoops?) and for a local convention next year I've decided to cosplay her! There's a few problems though. The only information I have of her appearance is what appears in the manga and also a few standalone canon images of her, but her eye color keeps changing! So far, in canon images, I've seen her with varying shades of violet, blue, and pink eyes. (though maybe there was a reason her eyes changed color? I'm not sure, oops!) I'm not exactly sure if I'll be able to get contacts in time for the convention (as my eyes are a bit wonky by themselves), but its definitely something I'm looking into. And since I haven't seen any cosplays of her thus far, it's kind of hard to find any images to base my own cosplay off of. But hey, first time for everything! I haven't actually found out a way to all that her outfit includes, like the bells or the yukata, but I figure I can make the yukata(s) on my own if necessary and maybe brainstorm a bit about the bells? I don't even know at this point, oh goodness. Also I noticed the ribbon in her hair is usually a different color, too. It's kind of hard to choose fabric when everytime I see a picture the colors are all different aha,, I was originally thinking about cosplaying Sakura herself but I'm pretty tiny (4'11 aha), so I decided Asagiri is probably more up my alley than anyone else. I'm currently looking for a wig, so hopefully I'll have a bit more luck in that department ;;; But yeah, I appreciate any help anyone has to offer, since this is my first big cosplay! I'm really excited for it, but I'd like second opinions on stuff so my attempt doesn't turn into a disaster ;;;
  6. sanekui

    Truth's Cosplay Photos!

    from past cons she attended!
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    Whispers "Haine this is amazing" and floats away into the night..................
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    Aradia fanart~

    I do too~ Thank you!!
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    stream Aradia

    Gurl this is beautiful. And I didn't know you livestreamed! o:
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    Ha...ine.... this is amazing...
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    Yes. Thank you.
  12. Cute! It reminds me of the illustration for the song "Mr. Wonder" by Hatsune Miku.
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    Don't Stop Nyaning

    DON'T STOP NYANING, HOLD ON TO THAT RAINBOW~! Yeah, I don't know either.
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