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  1. OMG HELLO the pandemic sure is a time huh :,)

    1. Akari Kichona

      Akari Kichona

      Yup my state has not lifted quarantine yet..

  2. The exhibition's being repeated? That's awesome. Of course I can't actually GO but that means more admiring the merch and gallery from afar *V* (also the cafe food from last time was fun) I hope you guys can make it though! :)
  3. Since piano exams stopped me from seeing her in Canada last year I'm actually tempted to come hahahah, but the logistics of it..@_@ Have fun guys!!
  4. Ariange


  5. Dang Arina, you've been at this for longer than I've been alive, and you're putting out more content than ever these days Here's to (hopefully) 20 more years! :) I'll probably be with her until the end of the line...until I stop living or she stops working--whichever happens first Man, that picture--what a reminder of how consistently beautiful her art is
  6. My copy of the 2nd volume finally arrived the other day as well! For ChicXHack, I'm expecting a SHK sort of tone...but hopefully with some fish out of water gags as the heroine gets accustomed to the human world on the side!
  7. Ariange


    *joins sun party* These two are adorable and your art is adorable and everything is just...
  8. Ariange

    chrom signed

    Amazing; I love the detail! Nice to see some fea love on here :)
  9. Maron killed the victim with a ribbon in the Hall.
  10. Arina did an interview with this blog/podcast called "My Geek Confessions" while at Animefest, and they posted the transcript the other day. Most notable is what she had to say about her future projects (which hasn't been announced in Japan yet): !!!!!!!! What do you guys think? Personally, I think this drafting arrangement actually sounds better than doing a whole series by herself; I'm not sure how her art style would translate over to shonen, and I feel like this is a good way to dive into the genre without switching gears entirely. I only hope that her storyboarding means she has control of the story itself to a certain degree (at best, total control), because I really want to see what her take on a shonen storyline would be like SHK, to be fair, was almost already there. I'm also really excited to find out who she's collaborating with, and what this series'll actually be about since right now it could seriously be anything under the shonen rainbow. I'm hoping for elements of fantasy, female characters that are just as fleshed-out as her shoujo heroines I say this because Yuu Watase's female characters in her Shonen debut don't hold a candle to her shoujo girls and nothing too far into harem territory. I'm also wondering if this is Neko's successor as far as her next big project goes. As in, should we be expecting any other series announcement after Neko ends, or is this and 31 Ai Dream going to be what'll keep her busy afterwards? Oh, and barely related, but since we're discussing news-y stuff, I thought I'd post the new SDC bunko covers here since no one's made a topic about them yet. The series has been condensed into 7 volumes, and the last one just came out on the 18th. What's interesting to me is that this means that all of her long-running series up until SHK has all been rereleased at some point in the recent years; TSK got new editions a while back as well. Covers under the spoiler tag: I really like them all except for maybe the third volume, since I personally could have done without Senri, and the posing/Ushio's blank expression kind of bugs me. I love how Maguri's holding Maora in the fourth volume--that's a really sweet callback. Shizumasa being on the last volume in the same way Eichi was on the last FMOS new edition volume kinda solidifies their similar roles in their respective series for me--at the beginning of each story, they're both over-glorified symbols, plot devices to set things in motion and motivate the heroine in some way, emphasizing and embodying certain themes that by gracing the final covers, readers can sort of look back and reflect on. (Shizumasa did get loads of dimensionality during the course of SDC's storyline, though.)
  11. Aaaaahhhhhhh, this is so exciting! I'm so glad you got to see her again and all of this new information is so interesting. This...actually says a lot about the respective series actually! IMO SDC is completely character-driven, KKJ has the most cohesive storyline, etc. I 100% relate to her on the sacrificing sleep for work and spacing out parts lol. HELLO YES I AM ARIANGE AND I AM DEAD NOW YOU HAVE FELT CORRECTLY Really, though, totally echoing the chorus here when I say that getting official denial is so disappointing D: I mean, we all kinda knew it wasn't going to happen by now, but man is it a shame to hear that there was even a possibility at some point...but that it's already long fell through. It's, like, making me regret not doing anything to help however many years ago...when I had no control to begin with lmao. It also makes me want to learn more about the "talk" she mentioned--what went against this possibility, how far the pitch got in the first place, how long ago this was going on, her opinion on it, etc. if someone knows any more about this hmu I still have some minuscule, hopelessly hopeful part of me that still wants a live action adaption, haha. I mean, look at Strobe Edge! That series ended in 2010 (2 years after sdc) and only got its movie this year. And when you remember that SDC just got rereleased recently....MIRACLES CAN STILL HAPPEN. who am I kidding I should just accept these things and move on before I hurt myself even more
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