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  1. Hey BWR! I can't find the Mistress Fortune one, but I found the Sakura Hime one here: http://ribon.shueisha.co.jp/newgame/lib/0903_sakura/sakura.html! Edit: NVM, found the Mistress Fortune one too! http://ribon.shueisha.co.jp/newgame/lib/0807_fortune/fortune.html Seems like Ribon keeps all games here: http://ribon.shueisha.co.jp/newgame/ I swear I remember reading somewhere on Shoujo Beat's socials that they only had a limited time license or something to that effect on the games, which is why they're offsite, but it was cool how they were also fully translated!
  2. OMG HELLO the pandemic sure is a time huh :,)

    1. Akari Kichona

      Akari Kichona

      Yup my state has not lifted quarantine yet..

  3. The exhibition's being repeated? That's awesome. Of course I can't actually GO but that means more admiring the merch and gallery from afar *V* (also the cafe food from last time was fun) I hope you guys can make it though! :)
  4. Since piano exams stopped me from seeing her in Canada last year I'm actually tempted to come hahahah, but the logistics of it..@_@ Have fun guys!!
  5. Ariange


  6. Ooooh, I can totally see that. Here's something less dark and more straight-up sad for you: what if he'd gone to get some holy water in hopes of saving his wife, Chiaki's mother? He'd done everything he could medically to help her--the only thing that could save her at that point was the sort of miracle only shooting stars and holy water and divine intervention could beget. So he takes the day off and goes to the shrine personally because he heard actually praying there helped and he's still holding the vial of holy water when he returns to the hospital. And then he sees the expression on his son's face as he steps into the room and he Knows......maybe the holy water could have saved his wife's life, maybe it couldn't have, but it's too late either way now. And not only has she passed away, but it also happened while he wasn't there. i just checked and he's not in the background in the panel where Chiaki's crying over his mother And thus begins Chiaki's resentment of him, and his resentment of himself for not being there when his wife died. He uses the holy water to wash down his drink that night. Oh yeah, I can totally see the elixir=holy water thing, especially since the holy water's existence was never fully explained. Gu-chan's also totally the holy pig that Enju's followers accidentally create in that one 4-koma; these are #trufax
  7. Yeah, I'm pretty sure a demon level system was covered in one of the 4-komas but pretty much never mentioned in the main story. I think demon knight ranked pretty high on the list? So I can totally see the system working with demon knight as the final tier, wherein the demon has gathered so much power from their host through time or just by themselves initially that they can trigger the transformation. Actually, yeah, it's totally weird how Maron's parents never became fully demonic the way Zen was supposed to . I guess it's less about incubation time and more about how powerful initially the demon is? When they were sort of painting Satan in a sympathetic light at the end what is this Paradise Lost? they totally could've played that card: "at least he didn't PERMANENTLY lobotomize your parents"
  8. Duuude, I've always loved the Bluebeard story (this is a really good modernization of it btw) but I never knew there was a historical inspiration for it. Gah, Chiaki's dad as Bluebeard is so deliciously dark. (Combined with that picture, I'm not sure if I'm sleeping tonight) I don't want to make light of what de Rais actually did, but I could totally see him as one of the demons' hosts. The same demon that possessed Chiaki's father during the wax statues incident. But maybe demons can't be the scapegoat here, and he's just the reincarnation of de Rais. But obviously he wouldn't have the power to reincarnate...How did Noin survive this long, again? Isn't it weird how Kaiki's stayed so young-looking after all this time? what do you mean he and Bluebeard aren't the same race that already got hand-waved with Noin
  9. Dang Arina, you've been at this for longer than I've been alive, and you're putting out more content than ever these days Here's to (hopefully) 20 more years! :) I'll probably be with her until the end of the line...until I stop living or she stops working--whichever happens first Man, that picture--what a reminder of how consistently beautiful her art is
  10. My copy of the 2nd volume finally arrived the other day as well! For ChicXHack, I'm expecting a SHK sort of tone...but hopefully with some fish out of water gags as the heroine gets accustomed to the human world on the side!
  11. Ahhh, the first game night was a blast! Sign me up :)
  12. Ariange


    *joins sun party* These two are adorable and your art is adorable and everything is just...
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