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  1. Hey BWR! I can't find the Mistress Fortune one, but I found the Sakura Hime one here: http://ribon.shueisha.co.jp/newgame/lib/0903_sakura/sakura.html! Edit: NVM, found the Mistress Fortune one too! http://ribon.shueisha.co.jp/newgame/lib/0807_fortune/fortune.html Seems like Ribon keeps all games here: http://ribon.shueisha.co.jp/newgame/ I swear I remember reading somewhere on Shoujo Beat's socials that they only had a limited time license or something to that effect on the games, which is why they're offsite, but it was cool how they were also fully translated!
  2. OMG HELLO the pandemic sure is a time huh :,)

    1. Akari Kichona

      Akari Kichona

      Yup my state has not lifted quarantine yet..

  3. The exhibition's being repeated? That's awesome. Of course I can't actually GO but that means more admiring the merch and gallery from afar *V* (also the cafe food from last time was fun) I hope you guys can make it though! :)
  4. Since piano exams stopped me from seeing her in Canada last year I'm actually tempted to come hahahah, but the logistics of it..@_@ Have fun guys!!
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  6. Ooooh, I can totally see that. Here's something less dark and more straight-up sad for you: what if he'd gone to get some holy water in hopes of saving his wife, Chiaki's mother? He'd done everything he could medically to help her--the only thing that could save her at that point was the sort of miracle only shooting stars and holy water and divine intervention could beget. So he takes the day off and goes to the shrine personally because he heard actually praying there helped and he's still holding the vial of holy water when he returns to the hospital. And then he sees the expression on his son's face as he steps into the room and he Knows......maybe the holy water could have saved his wife's life, maybe it couldn't have, but it's too late either way now. And not only has she passed away, but it also happened while he wasn't there. i just checked and he's not in the background in the panel where Chiaki's crying over his mother And thus begins Chiaki's resentment of him, and his resentment of himself for not being there when his wife died. He uses the holy water to wash down his drink that night. Oh yeah, I can totally see the elixir=holy water thing, especially since the holy water's existence was never fully explained. Gu-chan's also totally the holy pig that Enju's followers accidentally create in that one 4-koma; these are #trufax
  7. Yeah, I'm pretty sure a demon level system was covered in one of the 4-komas but pretty much never mentioned in the main story. I think demon knight ranked pretty high on the list? So I can totally see the system working with demon knight as the final tier, wherein the demon has gathered so much power from their host through time or just by themselves initially that they can trigger the transformation. Actually, yeah, it's totally weird how Maron's parents never became fully demonic the way Zen was supposed to . I guess it's less about incubation time and more about how powerful initially the demon is? When they were sort of painting Satan in a sympathetic light at the end what is this Paradise Lost? they totally could've played that card: "at least he didn't PERMANENTLY lobotomize your parents"
  8. Duuude, I've always loved the Bluebeard story (this is a really good modernization of it btw) but I never knew there was a historical inspiration for it. Gah, Chiaki's dad as Bluebeard is so deliciously dark. (Combined with that picture, I'm not sure if I'm sleeping tonight) I don't want to make light of what de Rais actually did, but I could totally see him as one of the demons' hosts. The same demon that possessed Chiaki's father during the wax statues incident. But maybe demons can't be the scapegoat here, and he's just the reincarnation of de Rais. But obviously he wouldn't have the power to reincarnate...How did Noin survive this long, again? Isn't it weird how Kaiki's stayed so young-looking after all this time? what do you mean he and Bluebeard aren't the same race that already got hand-waved with Noin
  9. Dang Arina, you've been at this for longer than I've been alive, and you're putting out more content than ever these days Here's to (hopefully) 20 more years! :) I'll probably be with her until the end of the line...until I stop living or she stops working--whichever happens first Man, that picture--what a reminder of how consistently beautiful her art is
  10. My copy of the 2nd volume finally arrived the other day as well! For ChicXHack, I'm expecting a SHK sort of tone...but hopefully with some fish out of water gags as the heroine gets accustomed to the human world on the side!
  11. Ahhh, the first game night was a blast! Sign me up :)
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    *joins sun party* These two are adorable and your art is adorable and everything is just...
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    chrom signed

    Amazing; I love the detail! Nice to see some fea love on here :)
  14. Maron killed the victim with a ribbon in the Hall.
  15. Arina did an interview with this blog/podcast called "My Geek Confessions" while at Animefest, and they posted the transcript the other day. Most notable is what she had to say about her future projects (which hasn't been announced in Japan yet): !!!!!!!! What do you guys think? Personally, I think this drafting arrangement actually sounds better than doing a whole series by herself; I'm not sure how her art style would translate over to shonen, and I feel like this is a good way to dive into the genre without switching gears entirely. I only hope that her storyboarding means she has control of the story itself to a certain degree (at best, total control), because I really want to see what her take on a shonen storyline would be like SHK, to be fair, was almost already there. I'm also really excited to find out who she's collaborating with, and what this series'll actually be about since right now it could seriously be anything under the shonen rainbow. I'm hoping for elements of fantasy, female characters that are just as fleshed-out as her shoujo heroines I say this because Yuu Watase's female characters in her Shonen debut don't hold a candle to her shoujo girls and nothing too far into harem territory. I'm also wondering if this is Neko's successor as far as her next big project goes. As in, should we be expecting any other series announcement after Neko ends, or is this and 31 Ai Dream going to be what'll keep her busy afterwards? Oh, and barely related, but since we're discussing news-y stuff, I thought I'd post the new SDC bunko covers here since no one's made a topic about them yet. The series has been condensed into 7 volumes, and the last one just came out on the 18th. What's interesting to me is that this means that all of her long-running series up until SHK has all been rereleased at some point in the recent years; TSK got new editions a while back as well. Covers under the spoiler tag: I really like them all except for maybe the third volume, since I personally could have done without Senri, and the posing/Ushio's blank expression kind of bugs me. I love how Maguri's holding Maora in the fourth volume--that's a really sweet callback. Shizumasa being on the last volume in the same way Eichi was on the last FMOS new edition volume kinda solidifies their similar roles in their respective series for me--at the beginning of each story, they're both over-glorified symbols, plot devices to set things in motion and motivate the heroine in some way, emphasizing and embodying certain themes that by gracing the final covers, readers can sort of look back and reflect on. (Shizumasa did get loads of dimensionality during the course of SDC's storyline, though.)
  16. Aaaaahhhhhhh, this is so exciting! I'm so glad you got to see her again and all of this new information is so interesting. This...actually says a lot about the respective series actually! IMO SDC is completely character-driven, KKJ has the most cohesive storyline, etc. I 100% relate to her on the sacrificing sleep for work and spacing out parts lol. HELLO YES I AM ARIANGE AND I AM DEAD NOW YOU HAVE FELT CORRECTLY Really, though, totally echoing the chorus here when I say that getting official denial is so disappointing D: I mean, we all kinda knew it wasn't going to happen by now, but man is it a shame to hear that there was even a possibility at some point...but that it's already long fell through. It's, like, making me regret not doing anything to help however many years ago...when I had no control to begin with lmao. It also makes me want to learn more about the "talk" she mentioned--what went against this possibility, how far the pitch got in the first place, how long ago this was going on, her opinion on it, etc. if someone knows any more about this hmu I still have some minuscule, hopelessly hopeful part of me that still wants a live action adaption, haha. I mean, look at Strobe Edge! That series ended in 2010 (2 years after sdc) and only got its movie this year. And when you remember that SDC just got rereleased recently....MIRACLES CAN STILL HAPPEN. who am I kidding I should just accept these things and move on before I hurt myself even more
  17. Name: Ariange Occupation: Magical girl Member Since: May 23rd 2011 Quote: "Let's fly into this endless world and meet at the end" Picture: My profile picture:
  18. I'd love a series based on western fantasy. Mermaids, fairies--I'll take anything, as long as Arina adds her signature flair to it. If she does do something more fantastical next, I want to see lore that's just as unique and gamechanging as FMoS' "reapers are people that commit suicide" or SHK's soul symbol system. She's always been great at coming up with these twists in world rules, and I'd be excited to see more of what she could come up with based on western legends. Vampire Rose (the last time she did western fantasy)'s lore might not have been original whatsoever, but in a weird way, her arrangement and utilization of the usual vampire rules was interesting. I wouldn't mind a whole series in a similar tone to that oneshot, but obviously with better developped characters and worldbuilding. Also, in the romance department, I would love it if she included the cohabitation trope for the leads x3 I am such a sucker for that stupid trope like. But it doesn't even have to be romantic! I loved the little interactions and domestic fun FMoS' cast as they shared their apartment, or even the KKJ trio's forced proximity, and I want to see mooooooreeeeee. I think I'm pretty much done with her doing major age differences now, though. Neko obviously had it, 31 Ai Dream kinda has it, Fudanjuku had 2 instances of it, and even SHK kinda had it. Mm, that explains a lot, actually. Like I said, her depictions were never absolutely or purposefully awful, and I am still glad for their inclusion in the name of representation, instead of blocking LGBTQIA stuff out entirely. There's the "bad representation vs no representation at all" debate, but I don't think SDC (or even SHK with Maimai) is bad to the point where it even nears that territory. Totally agreed! :) *nods along* Yeah, definitely. Having something to overcome is pretty much key to character development and thus a good character arc. Also, one of the easiest ways to develop a story's themes is for the audience to learn along with the characters. Arina has a lot of big, dramatic past stories, but I'm starting to remember the less showy but just as telling ones, like Madoka's or Maora's. Even Serizawa kinda got this lol, though imo 31 Ai Dream's doing a better job at this within its few chapters than Neko ever did actually 31 Ai Dream got me to care more about Nekota's friend within a one chapter cameo than Neko's whole run (though to be fair the series' tones are different) It's interesting now that I think about it; some of the heroines that didn't really get Big Tragedies in their pasts got male leads that did; both Kyoko and Kisaki had arcs of "welp my life's been great and all smooth sailing up until now, soooo it's really hard for me to empathize for your huge looming Problems, but Imma my best." Which is interesting in itself, because watching someone you really care about suffer while being powerless to help could in itself qualify as a Big Tragedy (or, okay, maybe a medium sized one). I think setting and setup was part of the problem, too. FMoS covered their past stories in quick succession too, but as well as being way more succinct in the storytelling itself, the revelations didn't seem quite so...forced. The FMoS cast was just hanging around different locations and dealing with different and genuinely interesting problems in the present, while their pasts came to surface quite organically, one by one. In SHK, you have the whole cast trapped in the same tower for 4 volumes with nothing to do but fight. That is the only conflict and resolution you have going on in the present (asides from Sakura's inner turmoil--which also gets repetitive), and you pretty much already know the results of each battle: you don't know how Team Sakura is going to win nor the victory's cost, but obviously they have to win somehow. And the past story's revelations are presented quite mechanically; the clear structure of "battle starts, past story, battle ends, another battle starts, another past story, etc" gets tedious and predictable, even if the meat on this framework isn't. And the fact that the whole thing happens in one night gives little breathing room. This structure has its pros, too (as Arina points out herself, for example, it's an interesting and creative one), but man does it make those volumes hard to digest the first time around. This! Or if it's a sad ending, leave some hope for the future and/or make it meaningful and coherent with the themes and story and character arcs that precede it. Sadness for shock factor's sake frustrates me. The sad ending is good in Absolute Boyfriend, for example, because it was built up to and makes sense. Though tbh the only iteration of Absolute Boyfriend I've ever touched was the Taiwanese drama and literally because the dubbing on Ku Hye-Sun was so bad I spent the whole show completely numb to everything except the ending song that's made me cry like every time I listen to it. Seriously, LOOK at this video and these freaking lyrics (especially in their og language). Whoever thought it was a good idea to write a heartwrenching goodbye song for this show and have it always dangling in front of the viewer even before the end is an evil genius
  19. Should still be able to come! Probably will only be typing though. My username's ariange :)
  20. Holy shiitake mushrooms, yes. We haven't gotten a popular "classic" magical girl shoujo manga in years, and I thought Sailor Moon Crystal would take us back to the days of adaptions popularizing girl-aimed mg series, like in the late 90's and 2000's with Shugo Chara, Tokyo Mew Mew, Mermelo, etc. Someone's gotta revitalize magical girls in shoujo manga, put the shoujo back in mahou shoujo, and Arina's definitely got the chops to do it. I think Arina would do a great job balancing and bridging the gap between classic shoujo goodness and the "dark" trend that's plagued the genre since PMMM. She's effortlessly balanced DEATH and BETRAYAL with genuine messages of hope and sparkles in the past (in KKJ and FMoS) and I think that this would be the perfect time to present a series with a similar tone. Best of all, any "dark" twist she does put in I trust wouldn't be present purely for shock factor, but because the story necessitates it and it'll ultimately make the hero stronger rather than weaker. Which is an important part of storytelling that I think we've lost along the way recently :,) Also can I just say that I really want whatever she does next to get really popular and get adapted into something? I'm starting to bold points because I already know this post is gunna be an illegible wall of text in the end This may or may not have to do with my gifing needs lmao. I've ranted before on why adapting any future magical girl series into anime would be good.... ...But above else what I really reeeally want is a live action adaption. Which I suppose limits the scope to more slice-of-life-y series--which I also don't want her to return to right after Neko, but if it's something intricate and fast-paced and needlessly dramatic in the vein of SDC, then I will guiltily clamour for it due to personal taste. Despite that, I do want supernatural, out-of-the-ordinary elements somehow because it's what she just does best. Most of the time, they're just there to push the plot forward in a grand, urgent way, and without them--like in Neko--character motivations can fall a little flat. So even if it's just a touch of magic like in Orange, that'd be good enough for me if the series itself is good :3 I also want a big focus on female friendship! Especially since 31 Ai Dream hasn't been ticking that box so far (my prediction is that Chikage'll end up friends with either the rival idol or the snobby co-worker or someone by the end of the series, but who knows). And if she were to incorporate that with the magical girl element somehow, I'd be game, since other than the questionable case of Asagiri, we haven't had a Female Friend in on the transformation magic since Time Stranger Kyoko...a case that is also kind of questionable. So that said, I'd totally be up for a magical girl series in the same vein of Mistress Fortune, but more serious and with a larger & more diverse team a la SDC's student council. But on the topic of The Female Friend, I'd love it if she were to have the same level of development as Miyako and Ushio. That goes for the heroine, too, really. Ai was an interesting case because the whole point of her character is that she's quite plain, and while that's all good, I do wanna see a more fleshed out main character this time. More quirks, more vices and virtues that drive the story forward, more change throughout the story. I want to see their personality and choices have a larger effect on the larger trajectory somehow. I want to see them grow. Like BWR said, I really hope Chikage develops later on--because as cute as the boys are, I really think that's the core of the story: not necessarily finding love to get over Haru, but mustering love for herself. And I hate saying that I like it when her characters have tragic past stories, but she just...does them really well. And their journeys to find strength/acceptance/etc are always right on point--I want to see others inspired the same way Maron's journey inspired me. They always tie the story's themes together and make them better rounded. I don't want any new main character to have The Worst Childhood Ever obviously, but everyone's got Emotional Baggage, and I want to see her tackling that again, since SHK and Neko both had heroines that were relatively well-adjusted for their situations (I mean Ai was totally fine, Sakura just did really well comparatively because everything around her was batsh*t crazy, but those crazy things were happening to those she loved rather than her herself and she starts strong af right off the bat). That said, I'm all for death as a theme as well. Though if there were a heavy body count, I'd rather them be paced better than in SHK, The Great Character Massacre of 2012 was fun while it lasted (I remember betting who would die next on here), but it just didn't leave the same impression as Full Moon's death toll did. How each of the deaths occurred, though, I guess proves how great she is at writing those situations and scenes. Also on this note I'd love it if she did an intense Survival Game type thing, like Battle Royale, Dangan Ronpa, White Christmas, etc. I wouldn't even mind it if the "survival" in question was just psychological like Liar Game--after watching the kdrama adaption, I want to see more of these situations with a girly flair, and Arina could definitely infuse this type of story with that. The same goes for a mystery series omg, her detailed plotting would be perfect for that sorta thing. Having spent my childhood reading Nancy Drew, I've been waiting for more shoujo mystery series since Arisa. I'm on board for sci-fi, but I'd see her using it as merely a backdrop for her usual tropes--the same way Mistress Fortune was a magical girl series but never had that element as its main driving force. Instead, it was just the plot device to help get the leads together (her real ultimate endgoal). If she did incorporate it as a heavier and integral part of her story, I'd be happy, but I'd be happy if she didn't, too--I just want the sci-fi bits to be well-done, since the little sci-fi TSK had going on weren't too great. Gah, this would actually be the most important thing I want. I am perfectly okay with all the smut she's been incorporating in her work recently, it's just how she chooses to handle it that..weshdfgskdhfgjx ugggggggghhhhhh. I mean Neko's gotten slightly better with the consent issue, but the fact that it was a problem in the first place bothers me--hooray for development, but there are lines that weren't meant to be crossed to begin with. Don't even get me started on the KKJ doujinshi, and the lack of consent towards Chikage in 31 Ai Dream so far just makes me want to run into a wall--it is all that is stopping me from liking the male characters. Thing is, forceful male leads have been in her work for a while, and after that long parade what I want now is another Sakataki--totally respectful and all the more swoony for it. (I could talk about this subject all day) I'd LOVE for her to include a character with disabilities, but I am also 100% in agreement in this: Her past depictions of queerness, for example, while never blatantly problematic, haven't exactly been shining staples in representation. So I'm honestly not sure if I want her to take on a disabled character unless she did so sensibly. I trust her to, and would be totally disappointed if she blew it on that front. And then there's also any cultural differences, like Blue said. Oh, yeah, this too. So this would be one of the many reasons why I don't want anything overly controversial, like Neko. Oh! I totally forgot. Pacing-wise, I'd like a shorter series this time, one with all of its major plot points planned and alluded to from the beginning. So less of a serialization the way Neko was, and more of one giant grand scheme that every chapter touches on in some way, like FMoS and KKJ. Question for you all: what demographic would you rather her write for? Should she continue in Margaret? And also: How true do you want her to stay to her Ribon roots, or I guess I should say, how similar do you want any new work to be compared to the work that made you a fan in the first place? Or would you rather her try new things now, even if that comes with experimentation and things you might not love (a la Neko)?
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