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  1. Just be there for them or actually save their life? Or sacrifice for them? Cause.....that's a huge difference. XD The huge difference being one will never actually happen irl. //gripes quietly about shojo reinforcing impossible ideas about romance and relationships
  2. What kinda things? o_O And where? In real life. I've seen girls go through death, illness... have boys or friends be there for them, but them no longer close. I think everybody was for Eichi/Mitsuki at first ;__; And most switched to Takuto. Except me, I was all for Mitsuki/Izumi, even though I knew it wouldn't happen. ;__; Mainly for it because I don't like Meroko much...
  3. You have a point, but I've seen people go through things with people and it not work out. It wasn't really specific to FMwS, it was more a critique of the shoujo manga genre and how love is seen as something you can switch on and off, and is completely unlike real relationships. I think the only manga I've seen to subvert that is Paradise Kiss. FMwS does it well, but idk... I don't like seeing Mitsuki aged 12 throw around the word love ;__; and @chibi_mitsuki I know you meant Arina, I was just throwing in my view on Mitsuki's love for Eichi and Takuto~ Arina is such a cute fangirl~ If Eichi was still around, I'd be telling Takuto to back off! Don't steal another guy's girl!! Haha maybe :merokohey:
  4. I got 100%... I'm such a nerd. I totally guessed the SDC release date one, awkward question!
  5. ^ I think it makes complete sense for her to keep loving Eichi, I'd say it's deep rather than shallow. It's what makes it different to other manga, in most the heroine would just be all "k, never loved you, bye". The guy who helped you through your childhood? The reason you kept living? If she just stopped loving him it would be wrong. I don't think it's the same kind of love she has for Takuto. Takuto saved her from her dependence on Eichi - they have a romantic love. Her love for Eichi is something more, that eternal bond of love~ Not the kind of love Takuto could be jealous of. Mitsuki didn't not get over him (bit harsh, considering he's you know...dead) - she just accepted she couldn't be with him. But then again, even though she said she loved Eichi, I always saw it a bit like... he was her lucky charm, and she loved him for a reason - not... because she loved him? Like... she did love him... but gah, I'm making no sense. So sad ;___; Plus, she's what, 15 at the end of Full Moon? Only in shoujo do you find the love of your life at 15 and stay with them forever. XDDD Sorry for the rant ;////; Me = over-analyse everything.
  6. Just to throw this in... am I the only one who swoons over any hints of Mitsuki/Izumi?! ;__; Too cute. I didn't like how it ended up Meroko/Izumi. Of course, I love Mitsuki with her two guys too, even though she's with Takuto, I like to think she always love Eichi too. That scene where he's reaching for her in the sky~ *weep* I wanna get married now, I watch to many TV shows about weddings. I want to be madly in love and ensnare someone forever /yandere streak. Kidding. I do want to get married someday, I see it as a way to bring your families together and just... not show your love... I don't know how to put it!! But it's just romantic!!! ♥ and oh yeah, Madoka/Nachi. Ffffffff. So much cuteness. Nachi is my favourite minor character in the series. Still fuming over his anime omission. :/
  7. Full Moon wo Sagashite. It's deep and thought provoking, but also cute and light hearted. It's got her best heroine (imo) and not once have I had dry eyes at the ending. So bittersweet, lovely, and wonderful. ♥ Followed by... Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne, for similar reasons, minus the crying. Kyoko is third. SDC loses out as I don't like Haine (giiirl, you got rich girl problems) and I felt the plot was to drawn out, I loved the ensemble characters though.
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