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  1. Well, this is annoying... My files are too big to upload, even though I used the template?? Huh.
  2. AHH!! Sorry, sorry, sorry, gomenasai!!! I haven't checked the site in so long... Is it too late to sign up? TT^TT
  3. TT^TT I SOOOOOOOOOO wish I had been there!! Good for you!!!!! GAAAAAAAAAAAH THAT PICTUREEEEE! I really love reading about this-it gives me a definite feeling of connection with Arina-Sensei, But yes. I will go on a grand quest to spread awareness on Arina-Sensei's works. I will make sure that everyone knows of her greatness!!!!
  4. JewelFireHeart

    My anime

    Wow, they're so beautiful! I'm inspired to write a story just by looking at this! You're so talented, you should really be a mangaka~
  5. JewelFireHeart

    No color!

    The hands and eyes are especially good, the only part you might want to improve is the hair Hope this helps!
  6. I'm so happy that you got to meet her!!! I would have SOLD MY SOUL to be there! I'm glad you put so much effort into the gifts, and I'm glad that you met other ArinaFans. I've only met ONE in person in my entire life, and that was at my high school's anime club. (Even at Japanese night school, hangout of ridiculous amounts of anime/manga junkies, NO ONE HAS HEARD OF ARINA TANEMURA.) (NO ONE) (WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY PROVINCE??!!!!) Anyways, can't wait for the next post!
  7. BWAAAA~~~~ I can kinda sorta read traditional Chinese.... But I'm more of a simplified person >_
  8. Kind of reminds me of.... Chobits.... and what happened to Helios in Sailor Moon.... and Sakura's brother from Sakura hime Kaden. The clothing, the hair, and the wings, all look really professional!
  9. The clothes you draw are always so detailed, I can never get lace and skirts to look as good as that!!
  10. I must learn from you.....!!!
  11. Ah.... what's with Arina and teacher/student relationships....? Senri and Ushio.... >/// This was definitely more innocent, and cuter than that.
  12. Ah, Chiibi, I'm pretty sure that will be the case. Loyal, cute, Kohaku will almost definitely get a happy ending~
  13. ALLEGEDLY. APPARENTLY. THIS MAY NOT BE TRUE BUT (IN VOLUME TEN) (READ AT YOUR OWN RISK): OMFG OMFG OMFG OMFG OMFG OMFG OMFG OMFG OMFG!!!! Does anyone else know of this!??!?! My best friend moved to Japan a couple of years ago... and we skype and Facetime frequently. THANKS A BUNCH, MIMI. Totally didn't spoil aaaanything.
  14. Does anyone else think Aoba is kind of like a mixture between Takuto and Sakataki? Like, Arina said that Sakataki came out too straightlaced, and I think Aoba is like Sakataki with a bit more Takuto-spunkiness. Agree? Disagree?
  15. I thought Haine was a total retard sometimes, but then again, sometimes she's totally adorable and aware. It's good to have characters that aren't one-dimentional, but she just kind of flip-flopped. Some of her choices made me facepalm so hard I still have red marks on my face, but... I dunno, I just kind of think she...... ARRGGHH I KIND OF LIKE HAINE OK??!!! I HAVE BAD TASTE. But yeah... she was too stereotypical at times. Ditzy, moronic, heroines are a massive pet peeve for me. (But she wasn't ALWAYS ditzy and moronic...) The whole Senri thing was creepy and unrealistic. And I agree that HainexTakanari was rushed... there was barely a Falling-In-Love Period (which is my favourite part of EVERY story, by the way) It was just..... ARRRGHHH I WANNA HOLD YOU CLOSE AND DESTROY YOU CUZ MY TRAITOR OF A TWIN BROTHER LOVES YOU to: I LOVESSS YOUUUUZZZ ~~~ like... insta-love?? NO. I also think Haine should have lost SOMETHING> Like, she wasn't as good a heroine as the majority of Arina main characters, but she still gained everything. But.... I still like SDC. A lot. I don't know.... Actually I do know why. Sweetie-Chan listed a lot of reasons, and I also have my personal reasons... But it would have been nice if Haine was a bit more intelligent~ AAAHHH CONFLICTING EMOTIONS. In Kyoko, (one of the sidebars) she apologized for ending Kyoko so abruptly and likened herself to a potter who smashes pot after pot until she finds the perfect one~ And since SDC was longer than she usually allowed, I just kind of assume that it was one of Arina's "Perfect Pots"......? I AM STUUUUUUUUPIIIIIIIIIID~ FORGIVE ME.
  16. I would like to meet.... Everyone from SDC Everyone from KKJ Everyone from SHK Everyone from FMWS Everyone from Mistress Fortune (KYAAAA GINIRO!!!!) Eve from Eve's Apple Service ..... Actually, ALL OF THEM. For sures~
  17. In Time Stranger Kyoko, in one of the side bars, she apologized for ending the series so abruptly, and likened herself to a "potter who smashes pot after pot until she makes the perfect one". Wouldn't the fact that SDC was so much longer than usual suggest that it was, in fact, a "Perfect Pot"? I would think so >~
  18. and now..... Maron. But I'm honestly not the type to give up that kind of love, even for my best friend. It really would depend on the circumstances, whether he loved ME or HER. That's really the defining point.
  19. I got Mitsuki, .... but I think Izumi was a close second. I found that I can kind of identify with him more than the other shinigami.
  20. The eyes are beautiful. they look so three-dimentional, like emeralds or something. And you can see where the nosebridge is, even though you didn't draw a line there, because the eye is cut off where the nose is, And the hands are very elegant. I am AWFUL at drawing hands.
  21. Wow!! The dress is so detailed! Awesome.
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