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  1. In a few more months, I can say it's been ten years since I joined here! WHAT??!!! I'm getting old -_-^

  2. Hello Everyone!!! HOw's everyone?

  3. I hope everyone is doing well! Anyone here a selenator?


  4. Oh that’s true I forgot about that! The story could change. Well I’m gonna watch the movie first then lol
  5. I know right!!! I really want to pre-order it so badly but I’m gonna waitI’m deciding on whether or not I should watch Frozen 2 first though. I loved the first movie, but now since there’s going to be a manga adaptation I don’t what I should do first
  6. HOw's everybody doing?

  7. Finally watching hunterxhunter!!

  8. No problem girl!! And I feel the same, I can't wait either. I am up to date with all the latest volumes of idol dreams, I can't wait for volume 7!!
  9. YES!! It's for real!!! I did a lot of digging and I found out through this website: https://www.cbr.com/disney-and-viz-media-team-for-manga-partnership/ But I'm planning on waiting for Arina to release more teasers of this manga before going right on ahead and pre-ordering it through Amazon. LOL
  10. Here I would like to start this topic where we keep on adding new updates about Arina-Sensei! I know many of us don't have all the time in the world to go upon 20 tabs of google search then google searching in broken Japanese to eventually find new fresh work that she might be working on. So it'll be nice if we can keep updating this page. LATEST UPDATE (as far as I know) Frozen two manga adaptation is coming out. https://www.amazon.com/Frozen-2-Manga-Arina-Tanemura/dp/197471585X She worked on a new ad campaign for beauty brand Shiseido's Tsubaki hair care brand. To see the work she did for the ad: https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/interest/2019-09-03/manga-legends-moto-hagio-arina-tanemura-collaborate-on-shiseido-hair-care-campaign/.150702
  11. It took me 8 times to finally login... I was so confused because I forgot how my display name looked like and whether I had used CAPS. BUT man a I glad to be here!!! Great NEW LOOK!! I like how this forum looks so nice a modern.

  12. From the album: more sketches

    I cant wait to read the new volume of Idol Dreams
  13. I loved it lol! You should make one for Idol Dreams!
  14. From the album: 2016-2017

    lol I messed her right shoulder. I did this for a late inktober entry and man it's been months since inked lol.
  15. Akari Kichona


    Just drawings hehe
  16. Akari Kichona

    IMG 3739

    From the album: 2016-2017

    This is for the Halloween event!! It's Rurijo dressed up as the devil's servant. lol I kinda wanted to dra her to trick Enju. lol I bet Enju would be blushing right now(^ω^)man I can't pick between the ships.i want her to be with Enju but I like her and Hayate(´-`).。oO
  17. A young servant of the devil has come out and it's Rurijo!! Lol this year Rurijo decides to prank Hayate and Master Enju.. I wonder who will fall for her cuteness this year or should I say scariness. Lol
  18. OMG it's happening! I'm sorry just excited!!( ^ω^ )( ◠‿◠ )
  19. Ooshige: "I can't I'm having a fling with my boss." Wakaouji-sensei: "It's Prince." Ooshige: "...Actually I can." I thought your short dialogue was cute..>.
  20. Haine: Ushio check what I have? (With excitement!!) Ushio: (After staring for a while....T.T) Black and white cow socks? Haine: No the lady at the store said they were puppies!! Ushio: Oh Haine.. I love you(Says while patting Haine's hair) Haine: (Glances down on Ushio's socks..Wow how sophisticated~~ she thought to herself 0//0
  21. The back seat driver is Oshige-san. Due to her habit of getting drunk all the time, Wakaouji-sensei has to drive her home all the time. Haine-chan would most likely be eating the most even though she looks so small, but in reality, it has been mentioned that 30% of her weight is from fat. Takanari being the busy one doesn't bother to eat a proper breakfast believing coffee will be enough. He also wants to keep a sophisticated vibe anyways.
  22. From the album: phone/digital drawing

    I drew her on paper than colored her in ibis. I got lazy towards the ends so I got a little sloppy with her skirt lol. Man it's been a while since I've posted anything(⌒-⌒; )
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