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  1. In a few more months, I can say it's been ten years since I joined here! WHAT??!!! I'm getting old -_-^

  2. Hello Everyone!!! HOw's everyone?

  3. I hope everyone is doing well! Anyone here a selenator?


  4. HOw's everybody doing?

  5. Finally watching hunterxhunter!!

  6. It took me 8 times to finally login... I was so confused because I forgot how my display name looked like and whether I had used CAPS. BUT man a I glad to be here!!! Great NEW LOOK!! I like how this forum looks so nice a modern.

  7. Anybody watching kakegurui? It's sooooo good!!

  8. Anybody watching kakegurui? It's sooooo good!!

  9. OMG GUYS!!! Arina-sensei is going to release Frozen two: the manga!!!

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    2. Access Time

      Access Time

      Well if anything like that Frozen fanart she did back when that came out that I got autographed should be good


    3. Access Time

      Access Time

      Also in that regard, now that I now some hiragana I was like going back and trying to actually read the comic. Arina's handwriting is a bit... special...

    4. Akari Kichona

      Akari Kichona

      omg right? I read Makoto shinkai's handwriting yesterday... and it was eeekkk lol

  10. Just so everyone knows... Daytime shooting star is now in english!! I have all 4 volumes, waiting for the 5-6 more volumes

  11. My 8th year on this forum.. wow time flies fast.. I'm so much different from when I was an emerging teenager.

  12. Today is one of those days where I can’t tell if it’s morning or night.... it’s raining so hard today. 9:53 about to be 10am..I don’t wanna get out of bed.

  13. Hey if anyone loves Eto from Tokyo Ghoul, I designed some stuff on tee spring. The link: https://teespring.com/stores/akari-chan

  14. Hey guys!!! ITs been a long time....

  15. On season 13 of Grey Anatomy lol!!

  16. On season 13 of Grey Anatomy lol!!

  17. Hey has anybody read Idol Dreams volume 4 yet? I want to make a rant but, I don't want to spoil it....

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    2. Ariange


      Totally! Would love to hear your thoughts~


    3. Chiibi


      weird.....I thought I responded to your pm?


    4. Otaku Ookami
  18. JUst passing by............Hello?

  19. In two more months we have the release of the latest Idol dreams volume!!!!!!!!!!!! ....(the me inside is screaming) waited two semesters for this.

    1. Ariange


      Yay! Though I wonder how long the next wait'll be since volume 5 was only just released in Japan :(

  20. two more weeks until my summer course is done.... and then two weeks later the semester starts -_-Zzz........sleepy now~

  21. Its been a while... lol been busy with college and work..

  22. Its been a while... lol been busy with college and work..


  24. Loving this new update here!!!

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    2. Access Time

      Access Time

      I have some Bing search advertising credits that I'm going to activate once we relaunch.

    3. Akari Kichona

      Akari Kichona

      OH WOW!!That sounds good!!


    4. Access Time

      Access Time

      Also, feel free to help out with filling out the wiki: https://arinafans.com/wiki

  25. Lol I'm a little fishy lost in a swam of exams and homework. Where did I go...(´-`).。oO

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