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  1. 8 hours ago, Haine said:

    Woooooah wait. Arina sensei is doing Frozen 2 manga? That's so amazing! Wow, I am REALLY excited for this. Big fan of Disney and the fact that they are using one of my favorite manga creators to do their adaption is impressive and just amazing! 😆❤️

    I know right!!! I really want to pre-order it so badly but I’m gonna wait😂I’m deciding on whether or not I should watch Frozen 2 first though. I loved the first movie, but now since there’s going to be a manga adaptation I don’t what I should do first😱😱

  2. On 4/1/2020 at 1:51 AM, Feather Angel said:

    Wait. Frozen 2 manga. Is this FOR REAL?  I've had trouble finding any Arina Tanemura stuff in Japan, hopefully this does come out this year haha 

    YES!! It's for real!!! I did a lot of digging and I found out through this website:


    But I'm planning on waiting for Arina to release more teasers of this manga before going right on ahead and pre-ordering it through Amazon. LOL

  3. Here I would like to start this topic where we keep on adding new updates about Arina-Sensei! I know many of us don't have all the time in the world to go upon 20 tabs of google search then google searching in broken Japanese to eventually find new fresh work that she might be working on. So it'll be nice if we can keep updating this page.

    LATEST UPDATE (as far as I know)



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    Who goes out and gets so drunk that when they go home with someone they suddenly stop and say I cant I have a [fiancé/girl/boy/date friend]. Who laughs, replying with, shut up. Its me you moron.

    *relieved sighs*

    Ooshige: "I can't I'm having a fling with my boss."

    Wakaouji-sensei: "It's Prince."

    Ooshige: "...Actually I can."


    I thought your short dialogue was cute..>.



    Who always wears odd, eccentric socks, who keeps it simple, matching and professional.

    Haine: Ushio check what I have? (With excitement!!)

    Ushio: (After staring for a while....T.T) Black and white cow socks?

    Haine: No the lady at the store said they were puppies!!

    Ushio: Oh Haine.. I love you(Says while patting Haine's hair)

    Haine: (Glances down on Ushio's socks..Wow how sophisticated~~ she thought to herself 0//0


    Who’s a backseat driver, who sits, silently seething and muttering “you know, I also have a license” occasionally.

    The back seat driver is Oshige-san. Due to her habit of getting drunk all the time, Wakaouji-sensei has to drive her home all the time.




    Who in the morning eats a huge hearty breakfast and who only drinks a coffee saying “I’ll live”

    Haine-chan would most likely be eating the most even though she looks so small, but in reality, it has been mentioned that 30% of her weight is from fat. Takanari being the busy one doesn't bother to eat a proper breakfast believing coffee will be enough. He also wants to keep a sophisticated vibe anyways.

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  7. So for those of us wondering when Volume 3 comes out, Viz just announced we have until September to prepare ourselves for it. (Source.)


    (Given my reactions to her older plot twists, I don't think that will be enough time to prepare myself from whatever Volume 3 has in store. Or doesn't.)

    aww I want it to come out sooner(;´Д`A

  8. Cheers to many more years with Arina guys!!! It's been a long way for her and her fans. We have all changed and became closer to becoming the person we wish to be thanks to the people who inspire us and for me she's one of those people! I'm happy to see how much she's grown as an artist and storyteller. To many more years!!♥️♥️🎂🎂🌟🌟🌟


    Ooh what I want is maybe some psychological/ tragedy manga with a sad ending(sorry guys I tend to look for manga that make me cry..hehe) or maybe some scifi manga with some magic and romance or even slice of life manga with real-life relate able situations. I'm so excited anything from will probably be awesome!! :FMMitsukiyay:

    OH MY GOSH, I WILL NOT BE ABLE TO READ THAT IF IT'S A TRAGEDY!!! Like I'm actually so sensitive to tragedies and I won't be able to sleep for a week because I'll be thinking about it, but sometimes I watch some tragedies TTwTT lolol


    [spoiler ISH] (I don't know how to make the spoiler button D:)







    When I read absolute boyfriend I literally did not sleep well for a week because that manga hit me HARD




    Lol same here when it comes to sad/tragedy manga. I would think about the sad ending to the point that it appears in my dreams. But even though most tragedies make me cry, I feel happy to cry because it makes me feel more human or something. I guess you can call me a masochist.hehe :FMIzumilol2: Though finding a good tragedy that makes you can be hard sometimes..(if you end up reading the spoiler section of wikipedia or something like me.. hehe) :FMMitsukigiggle:

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