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  1. Akari Kichona

    Rurijo lineart

    RURIJO MY FAV.!!! LOVE IT!! I love how you did her legs.~^.^~
  2. You did not! Omg it's Rurijo!!!! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) I love you omg!!!
  3. Akari Kichona

    haine signed

    Wow this is just gosh darn gorgeous!!! The coloring is AMAZING!! Wow this must have taken a really long time.. I love Haine!! Thank you so much for drawing her!!
  4. Akari Kichona

    [OC] Rahi

    Love the bonus so cute!!
  5. Akari Kichona

    kogiw:jiji signed

    I love your art style it's so cute!
  6. Awww...o//o ME MUST PAT KITTY!! nOW!!!
  7. Akari Kichona

    Sachiro wip

    I love him!! I think you did a great job! I love how you style always shines when your doing fanart!!
  8. Aww so cute and so true!! o//o Wish I had a boyfriend with fluffy cat ears
  9. I want to participate too!! Let's see hmm.. I like Mamoru from Hirunaka Ryuusei, Himouto Umaru-chan, and cake!
  10. This is just so cute! I love his cow form!! So cute I want a plushie of him now!! 0//0
  11. Akari Kichona


    I love everything about this!!! The coloring is so beautiful and I love how you colored the hair!! I also love the proportions! ^o^
  12. Akari Kichona


    Wow I love the side face! *sigh~ something I still need to master..
  13. Thats FREAKING AWESOME!!! Was it hard to carve?
  14. From the album: phone/digital drawing

    I still don't know when I'm going to finish this. But here's the work in progress video if anybody wants to watch. ( this video may not be good for those who tend to get seizures because its very flashy, I'm sorry).
  15. From the album: phone/digital drawing

    I think I drew this like a month ago, but I didn't upload it on here. So here it is! I drew this on paper then I used my phone to make a line art of it. As you see I'm using ibis paint again. Lol I think I'm addicted to that app. ~^.^~ But lately I haven't has the time to get on that app. I'm too busy now.
  16. Akari Kichona

    "Cute story"

    Lol was this what she said? Well the art was cute and I gotta agree with you, it did have a touching ending.
  17. Can't wait to see what Arina writes about!!! Aside from my love for shoujo manga, I am also a shounen manga fan. So I'll be looking forward to it. Omg man I wonder who she's gonna team up with!!??!!! There's just so many possibilities!!!
  18. I hope to meet Arina one day too! Man I just love her for all her hard work and creativity! Thanks for posting Chiibi, it was nice to get to know her more
  19. Akari Kichona

    Danny! (Takas OC)

    He is soo adorable!!
  20. From the album: phone/digital drawing

    I finished guys!! I hope all my hard work was worth it!! I hope I'm improving too!!
  21. Akari Kichona

    MisuzuandYukito copy

    I love how you colored their clothes!! ^.^
  22. From the album: phone/digital drawing

    I drew this on paper first and inked it, but it turned out to be a disaster!! So I decided to fix the whole drawing on my phone. Umm I'm almost done with this illustration and I am currently finishing up all the coloring now. I'm hoping to finish all the coloring before I sleep!
  23. I'm definitely getting this, I heard that its out in Barnes and Nobles by November something. I'm so excited!!!
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