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  1. Thank you so much:) I will do my best to improve even more!
  2. From the album: phone/digital drawing

    Umm this was my first illustration on my tablet as you can see.. I kinda suck at this. My drawing probably would look crappy without the effects. But I'm going to practice more and more to improve.
  3. OH MY GOSH, I WILL NOT BE ABLE TO READ THAT IF IT'S A TRAGEDY!!! Like I'm actually so sensitive to tragedies and I won't be able to sleep for a week because I'll be thinking about it, but sometimes I watch some tragedies TTwTT lolol [spoiler ISH] (I don't know how to make the spoiler button D:) When I read absolute boyfriend I literally did not sleep well for a week because that manga hit me HARD Lol same here when it comes to sad/tragedy manga. I would think about the sad ending to the point that it appears in my dreams. But even though most tragedies make me cry, I feel happy to cry because it makes me feel more human or something. I guess you can call me a masochist.hehe Though finding a good tragedy that makes you can be hard sometimes..(if you end up reading the spoiler section of wikipedia or something like me.. hehe)
  4. Ooh what I want is maybe some psychological/ tragedy manga with a sad ending(sorry guys I tend to look for manga that make me cry..hehe) or maybe some scifi manga with some magic and romance or even slice of life manga with real-life relate able situations. I'm so excited anything from will probably be awesome!!
  5. Can't wait for this to be published in English!!! My heart is now racing thinking about what she might come up with in the near future!!!
  6. Akari Kichona


    I love the coloring, may I ask what coloring tools you used?
  7. YOU GO SHINOA!!!! O//O.. When will this happen!?!? And this is so cute!! What kind of manga software did you use?
  8. I agree it does kinda look like the Love Live game, Man Love Live Festival is like my favorite game to play on my phone! I can't wait for this game to come out, however if it does come out in English in iphones I would be screwed because I'm not good at these types of games..hehe
  9. I really love the shading and coloring! Man I wish I knew how to use sai paint, the process is always amazing! Great job! Btw, I love the background music ^.^
  10. Thank you very much!! Your so kind! ^.^ I think ibis is awesome it's like having sai paint on your tablet except its on your iphone ( not that sai paint doesn't have its own app. and all) but this records you while you draw and uploads it in YouTube and Twitter and etc. and you can check other people's drawings too. And I will check out big canvas thanks.
  11. From the album: phone/digital drawing

    This is my finish work. It took me a little over 7 hours. It was really difficult to draw and color this since I only used my phone.. So yea all I can say is that I love Ibis paint.. Lol:)ps the background that I used was from Google, I'm sorry if that disappointed anyone but everything is my work.
  12. From the album: phone/digital drawing

    I did this in my phone with the ibis app. I did this with my fingers only. My fingers are now stiff and I have a lot of notes to write. Lol I'm so dumb why couldn't I have just done my home work and get it over with.. Oh well I hope you guys find my work in progress interesting or weird
  13. This looks awesome! the proportion and the coloring, wow you've improved a ton! Thank-you for sharing and also I want to ask you what software did you use to draw this?
  14. Akari Kichona

    Clip Studio Paint Test!

    Oh wait clip studio..? I know this software..wow it really makes your illustration look softer.. Do you have any manga software recommendations.. ?I'm also planning on getting a few when I get my wacom intuos.
  15. Omg Takuto looks so cute and I really like Mitsuki's reaction and its so her... I also love the coloring! And the background looks nice too!
  16. * MY FAN GIRL SCREAM!!! Omg I want to go soo bad!!! OOh I hope I can go this year! Its so going to get a lot of convincing for my parents to let me go on this one!
  17. Akari Kichona


    Omg I just love his expression! He is so cute!!!
  18. YESSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally I love you Viz Media! I'm sooo happy they are licensing 31 Ai Dream! I can finally buy some volumes without feeling guilty, trying to read her stuff online! Its because I just get too desperate sometimes and yeah~
  19. Akari Kichona

    ur eh wizerd harreh

    I love it! Its so cute! I also love how he still has his scar!
  20. From the album: phone/digital drawing

    This was a picture I drew by hand then colored on the laptop using GIMP. I colored this with no advance touching techno stuff, just my finger and a laptop mouse (which was very difficult and time consuming). I hope this is a better illustration than the one before. I just found out how to color on GIMP so this is my first time coloring ever!^.^ Please tell me what you think or what I need to improve on.^.^
  21. Akari Kichona

    Attachment 1

    From the album: phone/digital drawing

    I drew this on my phone guys with no pen or stylus just fingers, too poor now for those good stuff.. But heres a random drawing. I drew this with the autodesk sketchbook app. I'm sorry for the terrible quality.
  22. Akari Kichona

    Contest entry no.2

    Awesome job and I love it when post new stuff!
  23. Although there might be "rapey" scene in the IzuxMero, I'm still so excited! Yes more releases from Arina! Can't wait to get the "Platonic Love" one though! Even if there is going to be some scenes that are going to be "weird" in these doujins I won't mind, I just hope Arina doesn't do a little too much fan-service, not that I don't like fan-service, its just that I hope the characters wouldn't act way too strange or unfamiliar, where you can't recognize them anymore. Or if they act like different people. I'm not saying this will happen, I'm just kinda scared considering what happened in KKJ. However whatever the outcome may be.. I will still be happy to get to read Arina's doujins( just hope I can beg my parents to get me them)!
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