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  1. Akari Kichona

    Contest Entry :3

    Love the coloring!! Nice!
  2. Akari Kichona

    Shintaro x Ayano

    I love the girl's hair and the coloring style!
  3. Akari Kichona


    OOh I love copic markers and nice coloring!!
  4. Thank-you so much! They are just GORGE!
  5. Akari Kichona

    AT / Arisa

    Adorable! I love the way you draw wrinkles on clothing!
  6. From the album: Sketches

    I tried to make it look like Arina-sensei but I ended up going off by A LOT! Heehee the original is always better!
  7. Ticket#3 (one character please) 1.Meroko Yui 2.Madoka Wakamatsu 3.Finn Fish 4.Eichi Sakurai 5.Izumi Lio 6.Mitsuki Kouyama 7.Noin Claude 8.Access Time
  8. Akari Kichona

    he has no name tho

    dhjdsghshjkh I LIKE IT!!!! ^.^
  9. Happy Halloween #3 I also want to help draw the banners! If you need any extra help you can pm me Otaku Ookami!
  10. Akari Kichona


    He's so hot!!! 0//0
  11. Akari Kichona


    Soo pretty!! I like the way you draw clothes!
  12. I think its cute! Is that a face on it? Wa~ how adorbs!!!
  13. From the album: Sketches

    I drew it and inked it myself yesterday!^.^ I still need to work on a couple stuff though..
  14. Wow this makes things a lot for a lot of people! Its kinda hard carrying a heavy laptop every where you go for some people. Access Time you're so AWESOME!!
  15. I think Arina can pull anything off, honestly.. I just hope that while she's in this group that she won't be influenced to do something way out of her comfort zone. But I think its cool that she can expand her horizons and try something different. And I will always support her no matter what!!!
  16. Akari Kichona


    Oh sooo adorbs!!! Elsa is so cute!!! Total official ship!!!!
  17. My response was "Mama". It kinda terrifies me! But I stlll managed to LMAO~
  18. Beautiful scan!! i CAN'T WAIT EITHER!!! I just love how Arina's style in drawing and story writing!!! She's just so AWESOME!!!
  19. Akari Kichona

    konoha doodle

    Awww he's mine!!!! JK so adorable!!!!
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