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  1. From the album: Sketches

    Just something I came up with.. Its my first confession scene so don't judge.. I'm sorry if you can't read the words...
  2. Akari Kichona


    ITS MINE!!! AWWW SOOO CUTE!!! I want one!!!!
  3. Cute comic!!! And I feel you... I had 6 days of school off cuz of snow!!!
  4. Akari Kichona

    3DS doodle

  5. Akari Kichona

    Contest Entry

    I love the coloring!! It looks adorable!!
  6. Akari Kichona


    SOOO COOL!!!!!!!
  7. Akari Kichona


    I LOVE IT!!!! Its SOO CUTE!!! ^.^
  8. Akari Kichona

    Radiance ~ Bodhi

    Cute!!! Love the coloring!!!!
  9. From the album: just some sketches really.

    This is just a closer view of my sketch. I know its still not clear, so feel free to zoom in. Oh by the way this is read from right to left. ^-^
  10. From the album: just some sketches really.

    Umm this is an idea for my little manga. Its just a sketch really so its not really drawn well. I was just thinking this might be a good scene in my manga so what do you think? ^.-
  11. Akari Kichona

    Morning Grace

    Thats from Tutu Princess right? Its so BEAUTIFUL!! -.-
  12. OOOH cant wait. your talented!
  13. Akari Kichona


    Ooh nice. Way better than my sketches! -_-
  14. I know this is late but I envy You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love your art!!!!!!
  15. Akari Kichona

    New pic!

    I Love It!! Its so elegant and proper. I like her mysterious look!! +_~
  16. man!!!!!!!! I've been waiting for your drawings i love them so much.I also love the background, its so neat!!! ^.~
  17. Akari Kichona


    From the album: just some sketches really.

    This is suppose to be princess Ui in Time Stranger Kyoko, I'm not done yet though I still have lots to do. Synthe Axe sorry to have you wait. ^.^
  18. Akari Kichona


    you tried your best
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