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  1. Of course the offer is still open ^__^ The more the merrier! :) Thanks so much! Yes, I love Kaitou Saint Tail! ^__^ OK, so you need to sign up here: https://en.wordpress.com/signup/?user=1 And then send me an email here: mariax.gp@gmail.com when you have a wordpress account. then i will add you as well ^__^ thank you! I will also email you more details after you email me. :)
  2. Yes!! Thank you so much! I actually thought I would get email notifications when people reply to this forum (but I didn't get any ) so I'm sorry for replying so late. I would love you to help. Thanks for visiting my blog. You have to have a wordpress account to help though. I take it you do not have a wordpress account yet, right? Here's a link to sign up as a user only (without the blog): https://en.wordpress.com/signup/ I will email you more details as soon as you create a wordpress account (without the blog) and email me here: mariax.gp@gmail.com I would love your help, thank you SO much! It's a really simple process really, adding an author to the blog. You just need to sign up.
  3. When school starts, it’ll be really busy for me and I’ll need a co-author for Shoujo anime/manga to help me keep up with my blog. I refuse to put it down entirely for the school year, who knows what’ll happen if I do that so… I’m looking for somebody who loves shoujo anime and/or manga (especially Arina Tanemura) willing to be a co-author on my blog! It’s all right if you’re tight for time as well, since if we both contribute, it won’t be so bad! You can decide your own topics, but of course I would prefer if you email them to me first and get the ok. You don’t have to write in the holidays either, unless you want to. Please help me out!! You can volunteer in this forum, if you like. On my blog, I just talk about shoujo anime and manga and Japan and stuff. You can have a look here: http://shoujo1daisuki.wordpress.com For more information about the co author thing: http://shoujo1daisuki.wordpress.com/2011/08/21/im-looking-for-a-shoujo-fan-co-author-_-anyone-interested/ And if you want to see if we have much anime and manga favorites in common: http://shoujo1daisuki.wordpress.com/manganime-list-♥-check-our-manganime-compatibility/
  4. I am a Mitsuki x Takuto shipper, but I've read this series a lot of times and I don't think Mitsuki loved Eichi as an older brother or anything. It probably wasn't very romantic love either, but it was love all the same!! You can't say that it was just a crush. Mitsuki pined for him for so many years!! That is not crushing. Crushes dissolve, she would've healed by the time Takuto and Meroko came if it was just a crush. Mitsuki still loves Eichi at the end of the series (still wore that pendant) but loves Takuto more.
  5. Wooooow, I go away for one day (out with family friends) and this is what happens! XD And I so wanted to reply to every single one too, this being my first thread! I'm so sorry! I can see that's not possible now. Thanks for the welcome, by the way. It's so nice to be able to meet more Arinacchi fans. I have a shoujo wordpress blog, and almost nobody talks about Arinacchi with me. :( Anyway, I read through the rest and I was appalled to see you guys accusing Eichi not really loving Mitsuki??? What??? Where did you get THAT conclusion? I guess it's true that Eichi did not have contact with many other girls, causing him to fall in love with the ever so cute Mitsuki, who was always by his side, but that does not mean you can say that it was false love? And thirteen is NOT too young to know what real love is!! That is so not true. I hit puberty way early (lol not on purpose) and I think it's not fair to say that children don't know what love is. Adults may have more experience with love, but it's not right to say that kids don't know what love is when they feel it. And I'm pretty sure Mitsuki loved Eichi, but just grew to love Takuto as well because Takuto is so awesome. I think Eichi and Mitsuki loved each other, but it just wasn't meant to be, and then Takuto appeared to save Mitsuki before she went ahead and committed suicide and helped her learn to love someone again. And I think that's why love Full moon wo Sagashite so much!!!!! >__ Ok, I've made up my mind now. I still think Mitsuki and Takuto are so made for each other, and I'm just going to go ahead and vote for Takuto.
  6. Ha ha, yeah, Eichi's ending was so sad, but it's good that he let her go, that's true. OK, I'm going back to reread the Takuto parts XD HALLOWEEN ITEM.
  7. thanks! oh yes, Takuto's cute when he's jealous ^__^
  8. ^__^ Thanks! And don't worry, you don't sound forceful It's fine, I would've said the same thing if it weren't for my constant rereading and then trying to force myself to like Eichi because I felt that I was missing something (I succeeded. now I do ^__^).
  9. He he, Takuto, huh. I'm guessing most people will choose Takuto. I really like the idea of a guy like Takuto. >__ And thanks for the welcome! I'm shy, so I think I'll avoid the chat forums until I'm ready. XD Oh, and I'm sorry if I was confusing anybody. I just meant who would you rather be with: Takuto or Eichi? Plain and simple. Of course, you can put yourself in Mitsuki's position if you like. Or you can just say who you'd fall for in real life/rather be with. But seriously, if you reread the parts of Mitsuki's childhood with Eichi, you'll see he's not just a perfect guy with no personality. I mean, at first I didn't like Eichi much either, but now I totally do (only after reading his parts so many times XD). It's cute how he acts funny (and weird) when Mitsuki does cute things like get a fever from fretting too much about his secret. It's also very cute how he blushes and says "thank you" when Mitsuki says stuff like "I feel safe with you", before she realized what she was saying. Honestly, if you "got to know Eichi better", you'd be unsure whether to choose Takuto or Eichi as well! ^__^
  10. Hi! I'm a newbie. SO.... Takuto or Eichi? I put a poll up in case you don't want to say anything... I mean, who would you rather be with if they both don't die and will be able to stay with you forever? I've read Full Moon wo Sagashite 3 times... but I have mixed feelings towards Eichi... I would really fall in love with him if such a guy existed in my childhood and was friends with me like that... but I mainly am a Mitsuki x Takuto shipper. I haven't decided who I'd rather be with. So I want to hear yours first! ^__^
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