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  1. Faythie

    Faythie's Art!

    Just some stuff I draw I guess O.o
  2. OH GOD I FORGOT I'M SO SORRY. ALRIGHT So! I'm on episode 13 and I like, but I still prefer the manga a lot more.... Meroko is really cute and i'm happy about that, but I really want to see her sweet side more you know? Takuto is still tsundere which I love, but god why is Madoka such a bitttttchhh??!
  3. They need to translate theeeessseeeee >.
  4. The art changing was something that hit me the most. It was kinda sad that she though she had to change her art... but I'm glad she went back to it. The way she wrote about the series dropping in TSK made it seem like she was dealing with something in her personal life, so that's why I asked, but I'm sorry for being presumptuous. I knoooow I absolutely LOOOVED Kyoko because she was so different from her other heroines. She was always willing to do things, she was fun, and she was adventurous...And the fact that she was sorta spoiled made me happy, because not all shojo manga main characters can be super sweet little angels, they can be kinda bitchy or bratty.... Which volume of SDC was this? I have all of them but I don't remember a Yami short story. Man her editor is a dick.
  5. If you have read TSK I'm sure you were greatly disappointed in the sudden stop it had at volume 3. Character names were misplaced (at least int he Shojo Beat release) and finding all the strangers just sort of happened. Tanemura-sensei says that she was not in the emotional place to write the series any longer and had to quickly end it and go on a slight hiatus. Then she writes Full Moon, probably her most emotional work, and she starts it off by trying to change her art style. Did someone insult her art and writing? I don't know so I came to as the fanclub. What could have happened to Tanemura-sensi to cause Kyoko to be dropped and Full Moon to be her saddest work?
  6. Friends of the forest told me to keep everyone updated on my viewings of Full Mooon. Soooo I finally got back into the swing of things and watched the silly little anime and I think I'm appreciating it a lot more. Naturally I still have my previous issues with it, like fillers and such, but the one thing that truly tires me is seeing Mitsuki at school. Her being eager to meet new people, make friends, and seeing new places came from the fact that she was trapped in her home all her life. It also explains her naivete, and quick jumps to to conclusions since she doesn't know any better. I feel like her going to school kinda gets rid of that you know? Maybe I should stop being nitpicky?
  7. Hahah, alright guys, I'll see what I can do! Should I let you know what I think later?
  8. Oh seriously? I got a dvd of FullMoon and it was alllll fillers....
  9. Umm! Well! I'm annoyed that filler takes away from the actual story, and seem like a waste of time considering they are most never relevant. I like the ones that are for giving the viewer a break from all the drama, but not FULL arcs, those just make me flip tables. Also, It really bugs me when there's a string of fillers (not arcs) because again, I really want to just want to see the story and the important stuff you know?
  10. Awwww but I hate fillers....I'm afraid they'll turn me off again.... =
  11. So! I think I've been ignorant long enough! I tried the anime a while back and was completely turned off because of the amount of fillers in the show. But! A ton of friends on here say it's pretty good in it's own way! I'd be glad to watch it again, but hopefully I can find a list of episodes that gets rid of the fillers? I dunno. Any suggestions guys?
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