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  1. These. Are. BEAUTIFUL~! ! Except in I can't imagine Takuto sitting so perfectly straight up without sticking his tongue out on a cover xD
  2. SOO SWEET ! ! thank you ;w;
  3. Yeah~!! I would decorate it with her characters, hearts~ just to show how much I love her xD If we get a hold of where we can send an actual letter, we should somehow all sign it from the fanclub... maybe scan our signatures and anything we want to say to her, and then have someone paste it all into one letter...? I don't know xD I doubt it would send directly to her house (for the sake of her mailbox *laugh*) so I wonder if you're supposed to just send it to her work...? Hmm... *does some research* I'll update any news if I find something good~
  4. You can email her on her new website! ! ^ ^ tanemura-arina.com It's a very moe-moe website, to Arina's Tastes of course~ xD
  5. Thats true; I'll send it to her soon! *starts writing message to Arina-Sensei*
  6. @Sweetie I was thinking that but I wasn't so sure... I can loosely write Japanese, but I'm not confident enough to actually send it to her... well, I'll just hope that she can understand it ^ ^ Thanks Sweetie! Your always so helpful : )
  7. Mostly Flipnote, some editing though using... I think some photo editor ^ ^
  8. Im not sure... I was going to send her a fan mail but Im not sure if she can read it... > EDIT I meant if she could read english sorry!! Ill change the topic title later > EDIT ala chimitsu: changed the topic name for you c:
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