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  1. hmmm well I did watch Frozen 2 and it was beautiful. I LOVE it. I personally think you should watch it and then read it. Because it might be that the manga will be somewhat different than the original story :)
  2. Woooooah wait. Arina sensei is doing Frozen 2 manga? That's so amazing! Wow, I am REALLY excited for this. Big fan of Disney and the fact that they are using one of my favorite manga creators to do their adaption is impressive and just amazing!
  3. LOOOOOVE IT C: didnt know you could add a message xD If its ok can you please add "Thank you for creating beautiful stories. Please create more amazing stories Ms Tanemura, your work is truly amazing and inspiring! Take Care and hopefully one day I get to meet you soon =)! Love and Sincerely Haine
  4. too cute! anyways here is my image for arina san ^-^ if its not too late that is C:
  5. D.N Angel was a good anime I really didnt like how they changed the plot in KKJ in the anime im a bigger fan for the manga but it was still good. there are some similarities but not really >_>
  6. heyheyhey!!! >__/// -RAWR- and what about ikuto? hmmm? :) Ikuto just a flirter and a forward dude~ he nothing compared to Soshi & Giniro SO don't drag him into this~!!!!! ( and don't drag Zero into this too!) HMMM? I wonder how Soshi would repsond to what you said :] nah his answer would "YES I am Sexy =D!" omg, he would do that *rolls eyes* :) lol XDDDD ahaa, suuuuuuuuure he is. that's why he makes ALL of these comments towards amu, bites her ear....he's not perverted at ALL..... XDDDDD but it's true he's nothing compared to giniro and soshi... :) poor kisaki!! you guys are total dorks XD Both of u have pervy n dorky guys now shush lol Zero's pervy? wow, i never knew o______o
  7. tee hee yes i did like this book ^-^ lol omg imma have to search it on ebay and buy it!
  8. this is an Amv i made of Maron when she found out that chiaki lied to her i hope you like it... Presenting
  9. i can help! um is it only going to be about takanari? or is Haine gonna be part of it? cuz l have a song that will go good for those two
  10. I got Haine You are Haine!High spirited and motivated. You really want to slove your goals, and you actually do it too. Always there for a friend or someone you like. You're pretty selfless and friendly :3 The world need more people like you, so keep it up!
  11. aww thank u pi-kun *hugs i cant wait to see *smiles*
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