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    The forgotten kingdom in Canada ontario XD
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    well alot:
    - camping
    - sleeping
    - reading
    - chating/ talking
    - drawing
    - colouring
    - watching anime
    - reading manga
    - skating!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    - finger skating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    - running
    - volleyball
    - swiming
    - tennis
    - batbenting
    - matial arts
    - eating
    - cooking!
    - dancing
    - playing the saxophone and piono and bass clarinet
    - animals
    - music
    - Movies!!!
    - shopping
    - sleepovers ( duhh!!)
    - partying
    and having fun :)

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    TWITTER: https://twitter.com/SytheAxe
  1. Sythe Axe


    dhjfkljfhdhisdhfrweavhnuicadlujhfedflkhhhujsdl ARINA-SENSEI HAS A SISTER!???!?! i never knew that but wait does her sister draw too? and thanks Chibbi-sempai for the final part... I really enjoyed reading about them and i hope you get to meet arina-sempai again!^^
  2. Woah! Even though this is a pretty different style compared to her regular work, I'm actually pretty excited...
  3. Sythe Axe

    beauthy celeste

    kjzchjkhzxjkhzxjhckzkjchkzjhczkjhc +_+ you drew her?!?!? shes soooo pretty!!!!
  4. >.> mitsuki-chan... I really would love to join but I'm pretty sure I would be useless... so I think I'll pass this time... but if there is anything I can do to help please don't hesitate to tell me :)
  5. :'(... Thank you honda-san for the amazing acting... and i hope you rest in peace...
  6. Sythe Axe

    Jun Asahi

    really nice takanari-kun ;D...
  7. Sythe Axe

    IMG 0001

    O_O it's sooooooooooooo good takaknari-kun!!!!
  8. I understand!~ it's still amazing I wish I had the skills you do... Lucky duck!
  9. MITSUKI-CHAN!!!! how could you betray me?!?! ll cries in the corner ll But it's so far one of my top 3 favorite mmv... Good job mitsuki-chan! @ blue-chan I hope you enjoy it! ^^ mitsuki-chan always wanted it to be for you so you could enjoy it!~ (sorry for telling if that was supposed to be a secret) Btw: what program did you use mitsuki-chan?
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