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  1. It looks like you inked it. What did you use?
  2. L U N A R ~O~

    I'm Alone

    umm...thats my signature cake-chan and its basically my name in kanji
  3. My favorites are: -Ushio because I find her cool (I don't know why) and because she changed into the Ushio she wanted to be at the end of the story. (me and ushio are kinda alike that way) -Meguri. Because he has a really funny/cute/awesome personality. He can be a pain sometimes but, he was Doing it for good intentions. (we are also kinda alike that way) my favorite characters in a manga are usually ones that I can connect with (if they were real). Also the ones that are kinda the same as me.
  4. I'm Haine!! YAY! (but I never thought that I'm a person like Haine)
  5. L U N A R ~O~


    MMMM...Now I'm hungry.
  6. Mermaid power!!! (yea I BELIEVE MERMAIDS ARE REAL)
  7. I LOVE the way you drew the facial expressions!! Nice work.
  8. My favorite couple is: -madoka x nacchi -meroko x izumi -oshige x wakaouji -mitsuki x eichi (sorry takuto)
  9. At first I thought that her voice didn't fix her at all. Then I got used to her voice and now I think that out of all the voices that could have been Mitsuki's I think this would fit the most.
  10. Very cute and loveable..Mitsuki is very positive and pure. I wish I could be her!!
  11. Maron. She's my fave kkj character. She's kinda like Mitsuki. Even though she's lonely , Maron continues to smile and stay positive. I really look up to Maron.
  12. I don't know but, I think it would be really cool if I was the reincarnation of someone as cool as Jeanne D'Arc
  13. One day.... I was looking up Arina Tanemura stuff and found out that she writes her own songs, and sings them. She's already published several cds now and you can only get them at comiket. She's also sang her vocal version of "SMILE" And here's a sample of a song she wrote (and the rest of the video) for her album Sakurahime Kaden http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xqvped_imagine-nation-arina-tanemura-3-3_creation# Tanemura-sensei said that she wrote songs to thank her fans...
  14. What I mean to say is that, when I look at fan arts for Tanemura-sensei's manga, I don't see enough couples like: -Fin Fish x Access Time -Miyako x Minazuki -{couples from short-tempered melancholic and Ion) -Maora x Meguri -Meroko x Izumi -Ushio x Senri-sensei -Madoka x Nacchi -Karen x Toba -Mizuno x Sarai and I'm pretty sure I missed a lot more couples. So if you can, can you show a link in the comments that shows your fan art (or another person's) of a "rare" Arina couple...Well the couples ARE popular I'm not saying they aren't but I want to see more fanart from them
  15. L U N A R ~O~


    From the album: New Girl's Album

    I think I made the neck to short...
  16. L U N A R ~O~

    New Girl's Album

    this is an album of my original characters drawn in computer (most likeley not because I just started drawing in the computer) or in paper. I have lots of styles and I use them frequently so, please don't jump into wrong conclusions
  17. L U N A R ~O~


    From the album: New Girl's Album

  18. L U N A R ~O~

    My Heart

    From the album: New Girl's Album

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