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  1. xxxkakami1999

    My draws~^ ^~

    I love draws manga and anime, i want to be a mangaka, too!
  2. xxxkakami1999

    No color!

    Thanks you so much! >=
  3. xxxkakami1999

    No color!

    That hair was a disaster! I can not fix it because i draw it by ink pen, not pencli! >,
  4. xxxkakami1999

    My anime

    Thanks! can you see all of my new draws?
  5. xxxkakami1999


    Friends, what do you think?
  6. I love it, i love it so much!!!!!
  7. xxxkakami1999


    you could not get the softness of the hair , your clothes are not clear and your face is not balanced! But i like your style and i think she is cute
  8. Oh, thanks you. It s very easy to become a mangaka. You just need confidence, enthusiasm, imagination and music!~^^~
  9. xxxkakami1999

    I love you!?

    I think your face is too sharp and long.I only comment!.OK!;)I love your hair and I like how you paint her!!
  10. I just read sakura hime karden only!
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