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LOL um... oh... Hi... :$ My world is based around my anime and manga fandom... I also love to draw and play music XD... Uh... I also like cooking/baking... (I don't do it often though...) and... I like the colours orange and blue... hm... OH I'll read almost any manga or watch any anime anyone recommends (99% of the time) as long as it isn't too inappropriate (I'll let you judge that...)

Now... what else... I like going to theatres? Oh gosh... My life sounds so boring :$ Uh..... RIGHT careful when you recommend a series to me, I tend to get obsessive and I'll start showering my obsession with everyone and any one :$ It even pisses me off let alone my friends XD BUT IT CAN'T BE HELPED

So... I have a boring life but w.e I'm an Arina fan (Wait... aren't we all? :$ DERP) and yeah... bye.....

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