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  1. Ramius


    Wow~ it's beautiful~ but the prize.... too expensive... ||| the styles I like are Golf Shirt, Women's V-Neck T-Shirt, Ringer T and Women's Cap Sleeve T-Shirt....
  2. I love all stories but specially Firecracker is melancholy! um... I dunno how to describe [more like forget] it... I juz love the story [in my memory - I remember all the happening, but forget all the characters name...]~ *I read it 3 years ago... My memory very bad....* --- p/s: sorry for my broken eng.
  3. Wow~ be Sinbad huh? It's cool! XD but... U say u got a long red hair but Sinbad hav a short blue hair... So u buy a wig or cut ur hair and dye it to blue colour *I think it such a waste to cut ur long hair...* ? and~ can u upload ur photo when cosplay Sinbad? I hope I can see it~ And... wish u happy enjoy it! ^^ -- I hope I got a chance to cosplay someone... :( U are very lucky --
  4. Till now still no one vote Shizumasa x Haine... Shizumasa will really sad if he know... poor Shizumasa...
  5. I vote Takanari x Haine! I love them together! ♥ But sometime, I think it really hard for know which one is Haine kiss with.... How u find tht out? --------------------------------- ur sig is very beautiful! XD
  6. WOW~ it nice! ♥ Specially the ending~ i like it! U join the clip well! Keep up this good work! ^ ^b
  7. click alt and 3 in same time... ♥ ┬┬┬┬┬┬┬┬┬┬┬┬ ↑Examples: ↓ ╢ ♣ = alt and 5 ╢ ♠ = alt and 6 ╢ ♂= alt and 11 ╢ ♀= alt and 12 ╢ ♪= alt and 13 ╢ ↕ = alt and 18 ╢ § = alt and 21 / alt and 789 ╢ Ω = alt and 1002 ╢ ≥= alt and 754 ┴┴┴┴┴┴┴┴┴┴┴┴ try it.... got many more! ^^
  8. ofcourse! i'll waiting for you! all the AMV u make so awesome! i like watch it! ^^ GAMBATE!
  9. Thx~ Access~ ^ ^ -------------- I add tht pic to gallery now~ ^ ^
  10. this girl really a genius~ i never see a good gimrama like this~ ♥ and i think maron couldnt do this~ she juz a secondary school student~ XD
  11. 英知 -(eichi) means wisdom  水ずき -(minazuki) means water 拓と -(takuto) means opening i use kanji translator...
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