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  1. 2 things. 1. same here 2. how the heck can you tell how many pxs it is?!
  2. Ya Pichu. I'm kinda cursed that way. I didn't exactly give myself that name. My X-BFF gave it to me when she ditched me.
  3. i don't believe in competition. i believe in crushing my opponents like beating them was as easy as if they weren't there. crush em good. i'm not gonna enter.
  4. Actually, "Mi" means fruit, berry, or nut. "Tsuki" means moon. Mitsukis name DOES NOT mean "Full Moon". My first and last name is divided the same way. "Suna" means sand. "Oni" means demon, making "Sunaoni". My last name, "Shikami", is divided like this. Shi - death. Kami - god. There you have it.
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