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  1. GO TO MANDARAKE AND ANIMATE. Animate has a whole Idolish 7 section. XD Already went and got some Idolish 7 stuff! No non-I7 Arina stuff though, RIP xD I saw her artbooks but I already owned them hahaaa. I didn't get to go to her exhibition unfortunately!! I knew about it whilst out there, alas my rail pass had already run out and from Tokyo it was like £100 one way and I couldn't justify it for one exhibition :c I hope next time I go there's something around at decent enough timings, if it started one week before I would've been able to make it as I'd have had my rail pass still active ;A;
  2. Hey Natsuka! Oh gosh, we're gonna be there around the same time!! Are you over for Halloween? That's when I'll be in Tokyo as I'm spending the earlier half of my trip in Kyoto :) The only thing Arina related in Japan was the exhibition in July. I've literally heard of nothing else around October/November time which makes me sad :(((( https://www.odigo.jp/articles/9164-exhibition-20th-anniversary-of-arina-tanemura
  3. Hello hello!! Long time no speak! I haven't been here in years and I'm so sorry, it's hard for me to manage social media in general (but THANK YOU to those that follow me on my FB cos-page, I do notice you're from here and I love you for it~ It's Arina's 20th anniversary of creating manga and I happen to be planning a trip to Japan for my 25th birthday later this year (October!) and I heard there's a special exhibition/cafe for Arina that's running currently! https://www.facebook.com/SailorMoon.Taiwan/photos/a.956207494443092.1073741888.712349075495603/1330213693709135/?type=3&theater https://www.facebook.com/SailorMoon.Taiwan/photos/a.956207494443092.1073741888.712349075495603/1330213740375797/?type=3&theater Unfortunately, I can't find much else information about it despite my searching through various pages on google. The original page is from Taiwan and I wonder if it's actually based there, but the pictures show the prices and text to be in Yen/Japanese, so I would've thought this would be in Japan somewhere. If anyone can help play detective for me then I would be eternally grateful as I would hate to find out I missed out on going despite being in Japan during this time! If it's gone, then that's fine, at least I tried searching for information :) (If no one comments then that's also fine, I tried my best at least lol) Still thinking of you guys~~ - Fi
  4. Harroooow. Bit late I know but I only managed to get my butt on this site! Can I just say I love the new layout, it feels very modern and neat. The banner is also cute but I did love the rotating banners to show off other member's banner making skills. But then it wouldn't be very central so idkkkk. Anyway, just here to say I like the updates. I'll have a proper look around this site once I finish watching TV x'D
  5. YES! Mitsuki/Izumi :'D I love them too, I'm a bit of a sucker for couples like that. Good girl/bad guy. Hnnnng~ Although I love Meroko/Izumi faaaar too much to break up so Takuto can just stay with Mitsuki.
  6. ;A; Would have loved you as Maron/Jeanne as well ;A; Maybe set up your own group for AnimeNEXT or something?? There seems to be a lot of ATFC members that go there :3
  7. ... Okay, probably won't be many on here... But it's worth a shot? ;A; Yeah yeah yeah, I know I haven't been very active... I FAIL AT LIFE. MY COLLEGE SUCKS AND DRAINS ALL THE FREE TIME OUT OF ME 8'| B-B-But... I have time to apparently waste time and plan stuff OTLLLL. BUT YEAH! RECRUITING COSPLAYERS! I'm hoping to do a main Arina Tanemura heroines group. Leaning towards Kitacon but this may well be for Amecon, I just don't know yet (or both!). I'm just rallying up the numbers to see who might be interested, and I know there are a rare few from the UK here that don't go on Cosplay Island soooo worth letting you guys know? :3 >>> Click here for link You don't need an account, just reply back here and I'll try and keep an eye out whenever I get the chance xD (Or PM me!!) Thank you for reading~ (OOOOOOOOH, and if anyone's going to Japan Expo in Paris this Summer, LET ME KNOW!! I may consider rewearing one of my Arina costumes if I find a fellow ATFC member going :'D)
  8. Wahey! The UK will probably get it a bit later than US (and I don't import manga), I think I saw the release date on Amazon aaaages ago but can't remember when anymore. I eagarly await the release date to get a papercopy *___*
  9. Heya! Haven't been on here in ages, been busy, haven't really had time to browse either (hopefully busy-ness will die down soon, I hate not being able to browse around sites like these ;_; ) but I think I can help you out with this :'D Though it seems you have it all sussed out anyway xD;;;; I can help out a bit more on the earrings though. 1) You can't dye lighter. At least you can't dye it to white. However you can try bleaching it but be very careful with bleach because obviously it's not safe to breathe in. Simplicity does a very simple kimono pattern to follow so it wouldn't be too hard to make from scratch, although I do know from experience that it does take up a lot of fabric due to the size of those sleeves! But if you're doing what BWR suggested and buying a new kimono anyway then it'd probably end up costing around the same amount. 2) Yes I did use double sided sticky tape. It worked for mine but there are other ways. You can use spirit gum which is meant for skin, it's inexpensive as well - although please make sure to buy the removal solution otherwise it can damage your skin (although I hear warm water works for getting it off but the solution is the best way). 3) You've already decided to remake LOL XD.
  10. Oh wow! That's really cool that you can choose to write about someone like that O_O Best of luck with the essay! Micky is definitely an awesome choice of character x)
  11. Oooh yay! It'll probably take a while longer to get to the UK but hey ho, gives me time to save up haha! Thanks for letting us know~!
  12. AHHHHHHH NO WAAAAAAAAY *O* MUST... READ... I hope it's true *w* Ion looks so pretty~
  13. Ahhhh, you both look amazing!! So cute~~ x)
  14. Oooh, I didn't realize it was voiced by the same person. She's most definitely very talented if she can change her voice that much! I watched the anime first - my cousin recommended it to me because she knew I loved KKJ to pieces. I still think her singing and conversational voice is a bit too different for my liking though. Her singing voice is so very mellow and generally a lower pitch compared to her more high pitched voice (it's not as high as most anime girls I know). I guess it's because I imagined her more of a soprano than an alto, so that's just me xD Don't get me wrong though, I still very much LOVE the songs, they're very very pretty~
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