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  1. sure i will try to put at least 20 reason 1 both are cartoons reason 2 both are musicals reason 3 both of the main characters are kids reason 4 both main characters are 12 reason 5 both of the main characters grandmothers hate music and think its evil because of a tragic past in the anime mitsukis grandmothers fiance chose music over her same with the main character in cocos grandmother her husband chose music over her reason 6 both main characters names start with m reason 7 both main characters have musicians in the family and well known ones reason 8 both are about undead things and the main characters are the only ones who can see them reason 9 both main characters run away reason 10 both grandmothers used to like music and do at the end reason 11 both are deep reason 12 both are sad reason 13 both are sad deep dark and mature for there kind of cartoons reason 14 both main characters hide there music life reason 15 both are about death reason 16 both main characters come back home
  2. how would takuto react if mitsuki told him she was pregnant .
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