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    I like reading book ( comics, physics, chemistry, etc), play badminton, swimming, watch anime on TV, and playing game like Adventure, RPG, etc

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  1. Everyone, please vote who is your fav chara in Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne.
  2. How can I get it?? I want to see the manga?? So please tell me
  3. That's right Maron Kusakabe. I choose Maron, the same name with me. I think Maron are cute, beautiful, kind, and popular. That's my reason to choose her
  4. Wow, many people like Ion Tsuburagi. Am I right??
  5. I agree with Access Time. There aren't hynotist in Arina-sensei's manga
  6. How can I add my avatars??
  7. Where I can get the manga??
  8. Who is your fav chara in I.O.N?? I like Ion Tsuburagi because she look cute, kind, and never give up
  9. Hello everyone I added a new topic. If you see the manga you can choose it
  10. Thanks Access Time for the poll I think Sinbad and Chiaki are the same person. So, if you choose Chiaki or Sinbad I think it's same, Ramius
  11. I think Finn the cutest angel. I like her because she never give up to end the promise that she made with Access.
  12. Who is your fav chara in Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne?? I like Maron because she look so cute.....beautiful....kind person.....never give up....always help people....and many more
  13. I have read it too. It was nice and romantic manga. I like it
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