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  1. Look it's Haine

    Haine's Art-ness

    Just a bunch of work by Haine_shinshi herself~
  2. Oh man this is so exciting! I cant believe its that old already! And being here for 5 of those years has been the greatest really!
  3. awww so cute! She's my favorite dr character~ I cant wait until its finished!
  4. Look it's Haine


    Wow you've improved so much!! this is wonderful!
  5. I am actually really excited for this one! It looks super interesting since it seems to be different than her other works!
  6. aughgh really sorry i couldnt get anything in on time I've been more pressed for time lately than I thought. But I hope you all had a wonderful valentines day!
  7. Ooooh I'll sign up! Count me in! I'll see what I can do in terms of anniversary cards~
  8. Look it's Haine

    Aradia fanart~

    I love aradia *A* great job!
  9. YOU'RE BACK! -TACKLE HUGS- This is beautiful! You're one of my favorite artists, because I love you simplistic style and very feminine and cute! This is very nice and I love the coloring as well!
  10. I adore this you know. ;u; It's gorgeous and I cant wait to see it finished
  11. OMIGAWSH WIFEY I LOVE IT ;A; Its beautiful thank youuu!
  12. Look it's Haine


    Who DOESNT know this meme XD I love this, Its amazing chiibi!
  13. Look it's Haine

    My OTP

    Maron- Yes really~ There were my second homestuck ship and I've lived them ever since. Their relationship just works so well, and you know there something because I simply started shipping them from the way they spoke to eachother on pesterchum. They're adorable! keep reading homestuck so you can understand!!! song- Thanks, I also like these two complementary. It just sorta worked out that way since I just sketched them in their related colors, lol
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