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  1. I relate to Chikage so much its not even funny I do like that we are taking an adult's perspective on this. Its certainly more entertaining than Neko is. Despite it being a magical transforming idol premise again you can see where she is going different with it and i quite like it. I just hope she can keep it up.
  2. Oh my god. This is terrible. This is such an awful way to go. He was such a talented performer. May he rest in peace :
  3. ITS CAUSE I HARDLY TALK TO YOU OUTSIDE OF FORUMS NOW TTUTT But yes, twas a fun debate yo. It needed to be done. Any manga by arina brings about discussion.
  4. Yeeesssss. I have the CMX editions of KKJ but...BUT...THOSE EXTRAS. THE BEAUTIFUL NEW ART. I MUST HAVE IT ALL.
  5. SDC is the exception to every rule in the book and we can't question this Yeah. Hopefully it'll get licensed (I have no doubt that it won't) so I can read it. Other than that though, I will just sit tight and see what happens :>
  6. Temptation to buy this is strong for the extra content alone
  7. I can usually tell whats going on by the pictures. Arina is a very talented mangaka, so she gets whats being conveyed a lot through the expressions of the characters and the illustrations themselves. Plus right now the plot is so straight forward anyway. But yeah, thats what bothers me about the manga. Usually with these situations, a character has a crush on the "senpai" and he is just using her (or like you said, they make a boring couple) and then the other side of the triangle is usually the one she will end up with. HOWEVER, (like WnxxS for example), there is nothing wrong with that formula. You can do so much with the premise alone. You can make it work and twist it. For me right now, Neko to Watashi isn't doing that. If it does start to twist things around like in good Arina fashion, I might pick it up again. For now though, its not making the cut for me. Thats fine. I am glad you and other people can enjoy it though :>
  8. Alright, after going to their twitter, it looks like Viz will release the newest editions that came out this year in Japan https://twitter.com/VIZMedia/status/371761712287858688/photo/1
  9. But I have read the story. I just couldn't get into it like you or the others. Nothing wrong with that XD;;;; I was very interested with Serizawa when reading it though. To me, he always seemed like something more than the "cool senpai" that Ai was fawning over. I would really like to see where that relationship was gonna go.
  11. Me too! I have no idea how they are gonna handle these releases. There is a lot of juicy stuff with these new editions *v*
  12. Omg I know right? now we will have to see which edition of KKJ they are gonna go for since there are 3 editions now haha
  13. Looks like KKJ will be making its way back to the US after all. For those of you who couldn't get all of the CMX edition, Viz will be doing its own now! Its unknown how they will release it, seeing as Jeanne has been re-released a few times in Japan already. Still, this is extremely exciting news! Source here: http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2013-08-25/viz-media-adds-tomu-ohmi-spell-of-desire-arina-tanemura-phantom-thief-jeanne-manga
  14. Haha no no I looked at chinese scanlations. I would like to learn japanese at some point. Hmm....its probably just not coming to my memory. I probably did see it. It does sound familiar though.
  15. I read...I think it was up to chapter 10. But yeah I can't see the image. You could always pm it to me lol.
  16. Chiibi I think the image link is broken D8 For me personally, I didn't like where the manga was heading. It seemed too one note. To each their own though. I just couldn't get into it.
  17. Sakura-hime Kaden is a great series. After my disappointment for Shinshi Doumei Cross (in terms of a longer series), it was great to see her pick up the ball again for SHK. It became my third favorite Arina series (after FmoS and KKJ). I actually wish it was longer? cause there was a lot I think she still could have done, but I don't mind the way it ended. Now I just can't wait to read all of those chapters I read when it came out in chinese haha As for the other stuff. I honestly do not like Neko. Its on the same level as SDC for me. Honestly, Arina is not all that good at slice of life series at all in my opinion. Its very predictable and you can see where it is gonna end up. If anything, I would probably sum up the series as boring haha. I haven't read the other two things you mentioned Mimi, but I would like to. I would love to see arina do more fantasy stuff, since its really her strong suit, but whatever she makes, I will always check it out.
  18. I came at the sight of Princess Tutu. I was ensnared in the trap.
  19. haha Arina you forgot Maron's stockings Its a little weird cause we just got a re-release, but it goes to show how popular KKJ is for Arina
  20. zkrshtz;srhth;zkr;hkdh;rzhrzs;hrsh;hstrjzrs;h;tzh; *forever spazzes
  21. Is it weird to say I DON'T want Nekota and Ai to get together? We've seen this story before and it usually goes in that direction. I am not rooting for the guy she has a crush on though but, I just want to see something different come of this.
  22. hahaha you and I used to have those debates way back. We would always fight about the eye color. Now we know.....
  23. Very true. I almost didn't recognize her though cause of it. Almost thought it was Haine or Sakura XD
  24. Ahh yay thank you for translating that chiibi~ I found it and put it in my news topic this morning, but I had no idea what it was (well, besides it was a CD). Interesting that for the cover, Maron is sporting long hair.
  25. According to ANN, Arina is on the roll and launching ANOTHER manga! The new title is 31 Ai Dream and will run in Hakusensha's Melody magazine. Interestingly enough the protagonist of this manga will be in her 30s! A first for Arina. There is more information in the link below: http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2013-02-28/full-moon-tanemura-to-launch-31-ai-dream-manga Another interesting tidbit found on her twitpic is that there might be a new CD coming out on her birthday? I am not sure if this is another self produced CD or if its something else, but if anyone can translate the info, that would be good. Here is the link to that below: http://twitpic.com/c769ap (take what I say with a grain of salt until there is more info) This is certainly excellent news. Lets see how this all pans out!
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