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  1. New ION???? :merokohappy: This is awsome! I was hoping she'd continue the story!
  2. Well' it hasnt been released yet, but im certain they are in the next year or so!
  3. You cant remeber their names? Well, thats okay, just stick with the series and keep reading, you'll remember eventually! That usually happens to me when I start a series.
  4. hm, my favorite by her is Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne. I do love sdc, but i have to agree that it is very cliche and Haine makes me want to kick things.
  5. KKJ! I liked theplot the best and I enjoyed the characters! I didnt really hate any of them!
  6. I think all of mine are viz and tokyopop.
  7. I know right? so they make a few mistakes. Its not like we can't read the story. I preffer the official manga over scantalations anyways.
  8. I re-read volume five 3 times and i forgot about that?? I think i just failed!
  9. Haine_shinshi introduced me to fullmoon and before i knew it, i was a fan!
  10. I'd have to say satin. It's harder to sew but, for me velvit's harder to wear.
  11. It would be cool to go as an Arina character.
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