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  1. Well, judging from his dialogue, yes, I honestly do believe that. Especially since he took Sayaka home so easily just because she was upset about it. I really don't think Chikage is bi. XD She is more relaxed around women and people who look like women BECAUSE she's not sexually attracted to them. Just like how when you hang out with your crush, you go all doki-doki but around your friends, you're totally chill.
  2. MAKE IT FOUR, CHIIBI. MAKE IT FOUR. ...tfw you learn your roommate's playing Idolish7 and then can't shut up because Arina Tanemura-sensei designed these characters and drags you out of the VLD fandom and back into the world of Arina Tanemura... Oh, that, and I've been working from 3 pm to midnight at a newspaper and trying to be a responsible adult or whatever, but hey I'm here! ANYWHO... MY THOUGHTS AND FEELS ON THIS ONE:
  3. What kind of camera are you using? This looks like this could be from the set of a sci-fi movie or something.
  4. It'll depend on wherever I end up getting a job post-graduation. Should things pan out, heck yeah, I'll go. But hopefully BWR could go, too. The administration trio back at it again.
  5. So, like the grim reaper licks the person's ear to take their soul? Yes. One of many potential options. All based on the roll of sexy dice. And I want the 98% of the rolls to be nonsensical.
  6. OK, so in Full Moon, there's that whole Kiss of Death thing, right? Maybe Izumi and Meroko, as the new leaders of the underworld, found a fun way to mix that kiss up. Because I think I might've found how they could do that. I return during spring break and this is the content I am compelled to share with everyone. (Should I make a weird/random/shitpost thread relating to Arina stuff? Because this post doesn't feel like it fits within this thread, but I didn't think it would survive as its own thread. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)
  7. Like the dead on Halloween night, I rise out of the grave to incite terror. A most fun thing to do, actually. And speaking of other fun things to do, I have a simple event! Starting October 25, ATFC will have a daily Halloween art/writing-themed prompt week! So, how do you get involved? Rules. On each day, you can either create an artwork or a story involving the prompt-- or both if you'd like! It can be centered around Arina Tanemura's works-- but it can also be a completely original work with your own characters. If you miss a day, don't worry! Just move on to the next one. And late entries are always accepted here. The prompts and dates are in the spoiler tag below. And last but not least: A shout out to Akari Kichona for asking for a Halloween event and coming up with the final prompt list!
  8. In case anyone wasn't paying attention (I wasn't tbh), volume 3 is out! (But not in my mailbox yet. Should be tomorrow.)
  9. Ooshige: "I can't I'm having a fling with my boss." Wakaouji-sensei: "It's Prince." Ooshige: "...Actually I can." I thought your short dialogue was cute.. >. Don't mind a bit! And feel free to change it up. Okay, here's one: Takuto listens to one album on repeat, and it's one of Full Moon's oldest albums. Mitsuki tries not to listen to her own voice (like most human beings she can't listen to herself recorded without cringing). Since she wrote the lyrics and everything, she obviously knows it.
  10. Ooshige: "I can't I'm having a fling with my boss." Wakaouji-sensei: "It's Prince." Ooshige: "...Actually I can."
  11. I found a super cute blog and thought you guys might enjoy it. Basically the idea is "who would do x, and who would do y in this relationship?" Some of these work really well for some of Arina's couples; others might not. But feel free to browse through that blog and come up with your own. I'm gonna mention a few I really like with some of my fav Arina OTPs and elaborate on a few. Mitsuki gets sick often (probably more susceptible to colds after the tumor's removal); Takuto is her personal servant during these times. Anything she needs? He's got her covered. And yeah, he'd catch her colds. But he'd tell her not to worry and that he'd be fine. But as "fine" as he seems, he's actually worried sick. Probably wondering if the cancer came back, and how on earth would he live without her if that's the case, etc, etc... Wakaouji-sensei's probably on speed dial. This is a headcanon I have for Maron and Chiaki, actually. Maron steals shirts out of Chiaki's closet on a regular basis, and he never notices until it's laundry day or his closet's empty. Both Minazuki-kun and Miyako go through this. Every. Single. Day. And it's not always a response to the other being ridiculous. Maybe it's more of a (somewhat sarcastic?) "why did we think this was a good idea?" Then Shinji does something stupid, and they just look at one another and remember they can't leave their son alone for more than 5 minutes. Bonus points if this happens and Shinji's 20 years old. Alternatively: Takuto yells that at Izumi, who just blankly stares at him, says "Okay then" and picks up Meroko and leaves. Boom. Done. No drama, except for Meroko flipping out at her ex.
  12. For any Canadian ATFCers, now might be a good time to meet Arina! She'll be a guest of honour for Otakuthon 2016 in Montreal. You can pre-register for Otakuthon until July 16th. The con runs from August 5-7. Source.
  13. @Ariange: Initial reaction image (in spoiler tags to avoid stretching the page): Despite the emotional pain it gives me, I really like your theory because it shows a side of Kaiki we never saw (but I'm 99.99% certain exists). We only see him as this weird, happy-go-lucky hospital director who annoys and teases his son constantly. You can't help but wonder why Chiaki resents him. That is, until we learn about his mother's death and Kaiki's subsequent "serial" marriages. But even then, Kaiki isn't a bad guy at all. This is why I love Kaiki and Maron's interaction in the library. Maron doesn't get why Chiaki hates his father because it's so clear to her that he loves his son. (Granted, her parents haven't shown her they care much at all. Family dynamics are still something relatively "new" to her.) He went out of his way trying to find him. Hell, Kaiki even kidnapped Maron and Miyako to figure out why Chiaki left. He had no intention of forcing him back home. Anyways, my favorite part of your theory is this bit: I appreciate the "logic" we get to see in this theory. It's not that Kaiki is too cowardly or afraid to see his wife. He's doing what little he can for her, which at this point isn't much. But what kills me is the miscommunication that adds to Chiaki's resentment. I wouldn't be surprised if Kaiki simply accepts his son's feelings because he feels he deserves it. Adding a bit more to your theory: perhaps the holy water/elixir might "heal" emotions, too? Which might explain why Kaiki goofs off so much.
  14. Adding more to the demon knight!Kaiki theory: I can't recall if this has been discussed on here or on a chat with one of you guys over tumblr IM or Skype, but I remember talking about Kaiki looking so young and someone brought up the holy water from Fin's backstory. Apparently it's supposed to heal and (probably?) extend a person's life, right? Suppose Kaiki somehow had access (access... heh) to the holy water and was in line? Obviously this was before the incident with Fin. Consider some elements of SHK. It's based on the tale of Princess Kaguya, which involves an elixir for immortality. In this story, this elixir was burnt on Mount Fuji. (Or something along those lines.) In SHK, it's called "moon spring water." If anyone drinks this water, they become a demon who lives forever. Back to KKJ. Where is Maron's camping trip located? In the mountains. When does Access find Celcia and Toki? Frozen in the holy water in a mountain.
  15. ^^^ALL OF THIS. We're super lucky that we have so many of her series available to us. Her art has always been beautiful, but it's also neat we can track her growth as both artist and author. She's shown a lot of improvement over her career. We've also seen ups and downs, too.
  16. Oooh, a modernization? And it's free...? -slams the download button- I read this first around 5-something in the morning and had to bite back a loud "OH MY GOD." Kaiki as a demon knight. Um... yikes. I gotta say, he's pretty friendly as far as they would come. XD I wonder just how long it takes for a possessed human to become a demon knight in the KKJ universe? Chiaki had said something about Zen being almost completely gone. But if the demons are growing more and more powerful, wouldn't we see more like Noin? Also, Kaiki was the first character that Maron noticed an increase in strength. But some of the later heists aren't nearly as difficult (like her teacher on Valentine's Day). Perhaps he was possessed by a stronger demon? (Like... Guiles de Rais, perhaps?) It seems there could be a hierarchy in demons. (Maybe like the angels.) And most demons don't have a physical form. They need a host, who then becomes a demon themselves if it's too late, etc, etc... Of course, Noin is the exception to that rule. But didn't Noin say Satan gave him a physical form? This also makes me wonder why Satan didn't just possess Maron's parents through the usual means before she could do anything about it. Because she'd have absolutely no way to save her parents if they ever found themselves at the same ranking as Noin. Satan must be kinder than we thought.
  17. Happy Arina-versary to Arina Tanemura herself! As of May 18th, Arina has worked as a manga for 20 years! (Source.) In honor of that anniversary, she posted this lovely image featuring all of her works' volumes on her twitter:
  18. -uses CPR to revive this thread- Okay, so I recently learned that a (confessed and) convicted serial killer of children fought alongside Jeanne d'Arc. This is not a conspiracy theory. Really. If you want more (albeit general) information, go to the Wikipedia page for Gilles de Rais. Gilles de Rais's heinous crimes inspired the French folktale "Bluebeard." Don't know the tale? Wikipedia provides us with a lovely summary: A rich man who re-married several times. Vanishing women found in a hidden room in a mansion. Maybe Chiaki was right to hate his father...
  19. So for those of us wondering when Volume 3 comes out, Viz just announced we have until September to prepare ourselves for it. (Source.) (Given my reactions to her older plot twists, I don't think that will be enough time to prepare myself from whatever Volume 3 has in store. Or doesn't.)
  20. Otaku Ookami

    he sad :c

    I really like the halo-- the shadow below it's super nice and well done. :)
  21. PLS PLS PLS PLS PLSSSSSSS I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE In other news I think I've hit my meme quota for the day.
  22. How about how a sixteen-year-old girl significantly smaller and thinner than him tied him up with a rope. XD That was even before he fell in lurve with her!! Damn, bruh. You suck. D: lmao ^^^REALLY THOUGH. Chiaki definitely has the physical advantage. If my source is right, he's 175 cm (5-ft-9) and 55 kg (121 pounds). Then you've got Maron at 154 cm (5 ft) and 43 kg (95 pounds). It's no wonder then that Chiaki can lift her so easily. ("It's like you've got wings!") She's TEENY and can still take him down. Sinbad is no threat at all to her even though he should be and god I love these losers so much argh
  23. I am not-- if I could find a way to download it, I totally would. It's kind of difficult when I don't know any Japanese. And then there's my anxiety disorder-produced thought of "What if I accidentally buy something and I wouldn't even know I did?" But if someone could provide us with a tutorial on how to download it, that'd be awesome. I know Arina posts art of the Idolish7 characters a lot twitter, and I don't know them at all but I WANT TO. Honestly, you'd think Idolish7 would bring us more Arina fans or something? I know a lot of people really like it-- I follow a couple blogs on tumblr about Idolish7, so I know they exist. But are they aware of Arina's other works? Idk. It's fine if they don't. They're definitely welcome here!
  24. Sadly, they're not available in English. :/
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