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  1. ^ EEP SORRY ;___; Well I'm still sad too so you're not alone (if that means anything to you...?)
  2. BULBANEWS TWITTER YOU ARE DAYS LATE WHYYYY ...She voiced someone on Pokemon too and that's why I heard from Bulbanews twitter... in case you're wondering. I clicked on the link and I'm like WTF NO NOT MEROKO ;________; yeah... But this makes me really sad... I don't follow seiyuu news too closely but it's like when http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tomoko_Kawakami passed away for me... One of the seiyuu who kinda flew over my head in terms of being known but still having voiced an important character for me. =( News of death of anyone is really sad but it's just the worst when it's someone who has really influenced you. Rest in peace...
  3. LOOOL I'm so far behind... volume 10... XD That's ages off for me... Well better get caught up then... XD I've been lazy. orz I'll probably just sit down and read the entire thing sometime soon. I usually hate spoilers but I guess this will make it more interesting...? Well that's cool. I'm more interested in going back now so yay.
  4. Whoa wait it's from Paint Arina? That book... I have it *somewhere* in this house but who knows where that went... So much stuff and I lost track where I put everything. orz
  5. Hey uhh so today is the 20th (and I'm 19, durrr I'm getting old ;___; lol) but there's no time specified...?
  6. On Skype you do NOT have to use a camera. You can do just voice chat. We used to do it really often... lol Since I'm not on here as often anymore I keep forgetting so many people joined after that period of time that we all went on Skype all the time. It was really fun though. You just need a microphone to chat. If you don't have one and you only have a webcam, I'm not sure if you can just use the audio, but if you want to use the audio and not video, and there is no setting for it, you could always just cover up the webcam. lol Anyway if it's during the day time (say, 10am to 5pm EST, New York time) I can almost definitely make it... But if it's after that then I may not be able to... =(
  7. Ah okay, no problem really, I just wanted to know what happened. =) Take your time, I know you're busy.
  8. That's my birthday. I'm not sure if I can come now, since I was thinking of going out on my birthday... =( But if you let me know the time, I can try to make it. I want to, but I'll need to know when exactly. I can work my schedule around this but not until there's a specific time... *sigh*
  9. Ahh okay. Wait but what happened to the broken ones? (The earlier ones that don't load.) =( If you can't fix it now I get it but I wonder what happened... And umm is it just my computer...? Or is that problem everywhere.
  10. I've been unable to view the entire image for 3,4,5 (1 and 2 worked fine but 3,4,5 stop loading the full image, it appears cut off and even if I refresh or try to download the image it is still cut off) 6 and onwards are just generic snowflakes with a number, is that supposed to be like that...? Actually I noticed this on the third (well the one for the third anyway) but I was so busy with doctors and school and everything that I haven't gotten a chance to report this. >.
  11. Which timezone does it follow? The latest timezone? It can't be your timezone since you're ahead of me... Just wondering so I know when to go check every day. =P
  12. It's December 1, so why does it say don't cheat on the December 1 page?
  13. OH CRAP THAT'S IT!!! LOL Dumb brain. >W I totally forgot about it... XD I didn't watch the entire DVD (it seems very long) but I plan to when I have a lot of time... After this semester I will have a lot of time... I need to find a physically easy job (since I'm leaving college on medical leave because I've been so sick) but other than that I will have a lot of free time... lol gonna watch the entire thing and let you all know about it if you want. XD it's hilarious though... I mean, the floating manga Arina head... XD
  14. I got it soooo long ago... I forgot where. Was it part of an illustration book or something? I really completely forget. She's drawing in the DVD. And her face is censored by the manga-Arina drawing thing. Umm anyone know where this is from? I just completely forgot what it was from... It's pink and it's DVD region 2 (Japan region)... Anyone know/remember? derp I forget. x.x
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